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Mad Men Hats

With styles inspired by Sterling Cooper ad men and 1960s-era Madison Avenue, our huge selection of Mad Men hats includes styles designed to give you that perfect Don Draper look. Ideal for Don Draper costumes, Mad Men theme parties or everyday outfits inspired by yesteryear, these Don Draper fedoras are specially designed to pay tribute to the show’s entire ensemble. These caps are constructed from exceptional quality materials for structure, style and longevity.

The most iconic Mad Men hat is undoubtedly the Mad Men fedora. Made from fine-quality fur felt, Panama straw or wool, Hats in the Belfry has the best selection of authentic Mad Men hats. Fedora colors range from soft grays, greens and blacks to natural beiges and whites. We also carry classic Italian safari hats, pork pie caps and other styles that are quintessentially Mad Men-esque.

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