Manhattan Portage

When starting up in 1983, Manhattan Portage had an idea of "A bag for everyone". From Osaka to San Fransisco, Oslo to Melbourne, that is certainly beginning to ring true. While still maintaining their New York roots, Manhattan Portage bags have stood the test of staying relevant in a volatile fashion market by delivering high quality, everyday bags that work on so many different levels.

By innovating and expanding their line to accommodate the range of uses their bag owners' demand, the Manhattan Portage line has developed to serve all walks and runs of urban life. Whether you are a DJ transporting your spinning equipment, a cell phone-toting investment banker, a starving student hauling pricey textbooks or a messenger racing to deliver documents on time, Manhattan Portage has a style for you. (Even if, like many New Yorkers, you fit into two or more of these categories!).

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