Boardwalk Empire Hats

Inspired by the 1920s and ‘30s and reminiscent of prohibition and old-school Atlantic City, our huge assortment of Boardwalk Empire hats couldn’t be more authentic. Ideal for your Chalky White or Nucky Thompson costume or general gangster getup, each Boardwalk Empire hat is made with true-to-the-times adornments like wool or fur felt bodies plus bowtie hatbands and classic feathers.

From straw boater hats to wool-lined derbies and cashmere fedoras, these Boardwalk Empire fashion hats are genuine enough to make Buscemi and Scorsese proud. With Al Capone hats, like classic newsboy caps, and homburg hats in the style of Nucky Thompson, this variety is well-stocked with classic toppers. Hats made by famous hatteries like Stetson, Mayser, Barbisio, Belfry, Biltmore and J-Hats ensure that this assortment includes a style that’s appropriate for any Boardwalk-inspired ensemble.

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