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Fur Felt Hats

A Time-Honored Tradition: The Fur Felt Fedora

Fur felt hats date all the way back to 14th century Europe, where hat-makers cherished fur felt for its lightweight, soft and structured qualities. Today, hat-lovers and makers alike praise all things fur felt because of its stately and classic look. Fur felt fedoras peaked in popularity in the 1920s through the 1960s thanks to their association with prohibition, gangster culture and film noir, but they’re still coveted by hat collectors and dapper dressers today. A fur fedora isn’t your average, everyday hat. On the contrary: it’s meant to be a special occasion accessory that you keep for a lifetime. We carry a great fur felt fedora selection packed with hats for every type of personality profile, from the vintage-lover to the rock n’ roller.

In addition to a variety of fur felt fedoras, we also carry fur felt safari hats à la Indiana Jones and vintage fur felt top hats that are majestic enough for any magician or Mad Hatter. Each gorgeous style is made with a 100 percent fur felt body and quality features like leather sweatbands and satin linings to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Top-notch hat brands, like our own Belfry hat brand, Stetson and Biltmore hats meet Italian-made Borsalino hats in this carefully curated fur felt hat collection. Shop all of our men’s fur dress hats to find a style that complements your personal tastes. We’ve got the ideal all-black felt fedora hat topped with a feather for your dressed-up 9 to 5 look plus a collectible rabbit fur fedora that you can bust out on extra-special occasions.