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Jeff caps have been known by many names (golf cap, driver cap, ivy cap, and flat cap, just to name a few). The terms is some what of an old school way of reffering to an ivy or driver cap, used by those are who remember a time when every man wore one. It's unique beginning in England during the 16th Century. In order to stimulant wool consumption and general trade, the British Parliament passed an act in 1571 that required all males over the age of six that were not of nobility to wear a wool flat cap on Sundays and holidays.

Today men's caps come in many different shapes and materials. Some are modeled after the classic Harris Tweed material and style, while others are made from different shapes known as duckbill or pub caps. The appeal of a jeff cap comes from the versatility of ths style, able to be paired with a suite or with a casual shirt and jeans. For a classic and casual everyday look, be sure to peruse our collection of jeff caps.

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