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Pack Smarter with Men’s Travel Hats

Gear up to globe-trot with these practical travel hats for men from Hats in the Belfry. Each stylish travel hat — no matter the material or style — is uniquely designed to fold down into a compact, carry-on sized pod that bounces back to its original shape after a long flight or car ride. Most of these styles are constructed from high-quality yet packable materials and feature more compact brims so that you won’t have to compromise your personal style to save precious suitcase space. They’re also wrinkle-resistant so they’re ready to wear as soon as you land. From a collapsible sun hat to a foldable fedora, men’s hats for travel are sensible and stylish no matter where you’re headed. 

There are many things to consider when picking a travel hat, but perhaps most important would be whether the hat is crushable and packable. A common misconception about packable/crushable hats is that you can fold, crush, and generally beat on a hat and it will always come back out in its original form. This is simply untrue. When you see a hat with a “packable/crushable” tag it generally means that it can withstand more abuse or is not so fragile that it will break when this action is applied. The exceptions to this would be bucket and boonie hats, or soft styles like flat, newsboy or pub caps. In any case, always think of the packable/crushable term as durable rather than a miracle hat. Another important factor to consider is UPF/Sun Protection which is based on the weave, color, weight, stretch and wetness of the material. For the best defense against harmful rays, choose a wide thick brim. But whether you're finishing off an outfit for a European getaway or blocking the sun during your island escape, sometimes bringing a structured hat on vacation is necessary. Follow this guide on how to pack a brimmed hat in your carry-on suitcase without crushing it. First, flip the hat upside down and place it on a flat surface. Fill the crown of the hat with little items such as undergarments, t-shirts or socks. Lay the filled hat right-side up on the bottom of an empty suitcase, then you’re your remaining items around the hat.

We carry packable hats for men in many styles, colors and brands. A popular choice among resort-oriented jet-setters, our packable sun hats are made from flexible straw, canvas or Supplex nylon materials that provide grade-A sun protection without compromising on quality or convenience. Our travel hats for men includes everything from Italian-made wool eight-quarter caps for winter wear on your urban adventures to packable top hats that will maintain their shape and structure even on the longest of trips. You’ll also find collapsible ivy caps, pork pie hats, baseball caps, bucket hats and safari hats at Hats in the Belfry. Top hat brands such as Borsalino, Kangol, Stetson and Wigens make men’s crushable travel hats to keep you looking great on the go.

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