Protection Collection

The 50 Plus Protection Collection includes a variety of rain- and sun-protective hats designed to shield your face and neck from harmful, uncompromising UV rays. Ideal for days on the beach, outdoor sports, gardening or other activities where your skin is vulnerable to sun exposure, Protection Collection hats offer UPF50+ UV protection for safe sunning. While you want to be sure to protect yourself on those occasions when you'll be outdoors and likely on the beach or hiking in a scenic spot, some 50 Plus Protection Collection styles are suitable to protect for everyday use, with style that will get you to the office and beyond. UPF50+ hats come in a variety of styles, including safari hats and Outback hats that feature extended brims for quality coverage.

At Hats in the Belfry, we offer many Protection Collection safari hats for men, each one offers UPF 50+ protection against the sun's harmful rays, as well as protection against rain and other wet conditions. These hats are made from breathable yet protective mesh, cotton, wool or Supplex material that’s designed for lightweight, practical wear. These hats are also packable for easy travel, and many styles feature rain-proof fabrics so they can be worn in any weather environment. Protection Collection hats are finished with grommets, which allows for better air circulation, and adjustable chinstraps for a comfortable, secure fit. Stitching provides design interest, while also producing a sturdy hat that will hold its shape even after being packed in a crowded suitcase or thrown into a bag with other gear. Hats in the Protection Collection line are ready for any weather condition, and perfect for everyday use, outdoor excursions, vacation and other travel where you need a hat, but need to pack it flat. Protection Collection has you covered. 

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