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Women's Berets

The beret is one of the more classic styles for hats dating as far back as the middle ages when it was crudely shaped from processing wool felt into a rough form. Since then the beret has evolved into a more structured and refined hat, and become a staple in both military and civilian worlds. Over time the beret has surfaced in fashion many times. Most commonly wool berets are standard issue for the militaries of several countries. The round, slouchy hat also became the symbol of French, bohemian culture. The longstanding hat has never fallen out of fashion, and remains a mainstay for many milliners.
Today's berets are more than a simple molded felt cap. Our selection includes wool felt berets, but also knit styles and roomier versions that are stylish. Find styles made from wool felt and sewn cloth in an assortment of materials. You can also find many styles knit from wool, bamboo and other fibers, and more. Knit berets are soft and fashionably slouchy. Some styles have cables, ribs or colorful pattern designs knit into the fabric such as animal prints or shapes. Most women's hats come in a range of colors to coordinate with your coat and accessories.
A beret is a classic hat that will always look fresh and complimentary to your coat. It provides warmth and protection against weather, and can easily fit into a coat pocket so it's never lost.

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  • Scala Tam - Classic Wool Beret

    Scala Tam

    Classic Wool Beret


    BlackCamelLt GreyWhite

    Price: $24.00
  • Belfry Molly - Wool Felt Beret

    Belfry Molly

    Wool Felt Beret

    Regular Price: $129.00

    Special Price: $72.00

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