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Women's Garden Party Hats

Garden parties are a tradition that was established by Queen Victoria in the 1860s to take the place of presentation parties attended by debutantes. But now, garden parties provide the perfect opportunity to get dressed up from head to toe while enjoying the sunshine. And though standards have changed since Queen Victoria’s era, hats at garden or tea parties will always be a must. The look you want to go for is somewhere between “dressy casual” and “formal daytime.” Floral patterns, pastel hues or bright colors work well in the garden setting, and you can top off your outfit with a floppy straw or delicately woven hat. In many cases, you can even dress your total look around a hat. A hat can be just the right accessory to complete your look.

There are dozens of different styles when it comes to choosing the best garden party hat. Larger hats with wide brims are perfect, helping to shield the sun. A floppy sun hat with accents of flowers, ribbons and other delicate and lady-like embellishments can top off a pastel sundress. Or find a feathered fascinator that is going to get attention and be dainty and delicate at the same time. Garden party hats can vary from large brim and extravagant to small brim and delicate depending on time of day and setting. Structured pill box hats with birdcage veils are also an attractive alternative. These add a bit of whimsy and delicate flare without being too over the top or extravagant for the traditional garden party occasion. Structured hats and even lightweight fedora styles can also work well for a garden tea party and are great for those that want something that is unique, yet classic.

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