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Women's Kangol Hats Women's Kangol Hats Women's Kangol Hats

Women's Kangol Hats

Kangol hats have jumped to the top of the fashion industry as the essential accessory to complete any look. Who would have ever thought that the not-so-traditional berets, once worn by the British Army and made famous by General Bernard Montgomery would grow to be among the list of top high fashion women's hats, the list of must-have accessories of the last few years? Kangol hats were founded in 1938 by Jakob Spreirgen on the premise of creating hats for workers, golfers, and soldiers. These hats made their way through WWII and a few years later saw the 1948 Olympic Opening Ceremonies while adorning the English Olympic Team.

Many say Kangol hats get their name from combining the "K" from knitted, "ANG" from angora, and "OL" from wool, but it sure doesn't matter from where its name originates, these fashion hats have paved the way for a new generation of hats for women. What started as a male-heavy trend with Slick Rick as the unofficial spokesperson for Kangol hats rapping about them in the late 1970s, has changed to be equally as iconic for women, as fashion icons like Princess Diana, Madonna, and Missy Elliot showing off their trendy yet casual Kangol hats for women.

No matter what your taste, these hip women's hats provide a unique flavor that will be the perfect addition to any outfit. Kangold's lines include the hottest, most requested 504 style in both the Kangol Classic 504 and the VentAir 504. Additionally, you'll find traditional womens visors, bucket hats, women's fedora hats, cadet caps for women, and the many styles of Cloche hats, it's no wonder the Kangol hat brand has won the world over. Check out our great selection of men's Kangol hats as well!