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Women's Makins Hats

Marsha Akins, founder and lead designer of Makins hats, began handcrafting fashionable hats for men and women for over 30 years ago out of her New York City apartment. What started with a process of designing and creating these fashionable accessories in her very own oven has turned into one of the industry's leading brand of hats today.

For those of you looking for the essential adornment to compliment any outfit, Makins hats offers cool hats that are soft, flexible and easy to wear. Makins hats takes pride in proving a product that uses only the finest materials including fur felts, straw and leather.

Introducing the Makins Vintage Derby Collection, a grouping of hats inspired by a long tradition in quality women's headwear. Each classic milliner's choice, made from decade old blocks and vintage adornments, is an homage to 1800's styles.

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