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The storied Mayser Hutmacher company was founded in 1800 in Germany, when the country was occupied by Napoleon. Even in a country under siege, the hat maker thrived and continued to grow to the company it is today. It was in 1924, the midst of the roaring 20s, when Mayser began production on ladies hats. The company now boasts nearly 100 years of ladies' hat making in its 200-plus year history.

The Mayser women's line holds classic style with modern elements. Most styles remain classic with simple detail such as a grosgrain ribbon and bow. The hats are not basic, however, but iconic, calling back an era when hats were worn daily fixture in every person's wardrobe. Today it is acceptable to leave the house without a hat, though hats are a welcome accent to many outfits.

In the Mayser line, straw hats come in many shapes such as big brim and small brim, cloche and fedora, among other styles. Felt styles for cooler weather offer similar varieties in shapes and detail. Mayser also features caps such as ivy, newsboy and flat caps in vintage-looking fabrics. A Mayser hat is an investment in a wardrobe piece that will become a staple for many seasons to come.

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