Women's Belfry Purple Label Hats

PURPLE is the newest and best line of women's hats to join our Hats in the Belfry collections. After searching the world for the best hat makers and materials to add the much-needed, much-desired comforts back into our trendy and fashionable women's hats, we've stressed every detail in putting together the PURPLE hat collection to demonstrate creative design and exude a sophisticated style that simply cannot be matched.

What sets women's PURPLE apart from other lines of Womens hats in its kind is that instead of taking away from the hat to give you the lowest price, PURPLE hats add value and deliver a quality product that meets or exceeds your expectations at a much lower price. Our women's PURPLE hats don't cut corners or save on the quality of any hat style; instead, we've put as much back into the hat or cap as possible. From cloche hats to derby hats, women's fedoras to big brims, PURPLE has never looked as good as it does in our trendy PURPLE hats.

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