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San Diego Hat Co.

Taking cues from the sun and spirit of Southern California, San Diego Hat Company ensures that each and every one of its women’s hats blends laid-back style with outdoor practicality. Using sensible, down-to-earth materials like UPF50+ Ultrabraid, organic raffia and genuine wool, San Diego Hat Company hats are designed for keeping you cool and safe in the sun. Yet they’re still fashionable enough for year-round wear during any occasion.

An Evolution of Style

While the company started with the Bali-inspired Original Cotton Cloche Hat in 1993, it has since expanded its collection to include chic floppy brim hats, straw visors, cotton mod caps and even winter-worthy wool caps and cadet caps. Although each San Diego Hat Company style varies in purpose and silhouette, the line is united by chic, trend-setting accents like striped straw and buckled bows. The company’s roll-up hats are popular among jet-setters and beach-goers thanks to their super compact constructions.

Finding Your Sunny Style

Choosing the right San Diego Hat Company style is simply a matter of taste. Go for a bold and big hat with a wide brim and lots of character. Or choose something a little more understated and chic. Either way, you’ll have enough color and style options to make sure you get a perfect fit.

At Hats in the Belfry, it’s easy to find a great fix for staying cool while looking stylish. These beautiful designs from the popular San Diego hat store really make accessorizing a breeze. And because they’re so versatile, you can take them far beyond the beach to a variety of other events and occasions.

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