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Women's Traveler Hats - Style On The Go Women's Traveler Hats - Style On The Go Women's Traveler Hats - Style On The Go

Women's Traveler Hats - Style On The Go

Our women’s Traveler Collection gives you the opportunity to take a trip with all of your favorite fashion accessories. Stay stylish even when you’re on the move. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, our packable hats make it easy for you to top off every outfit.

With a commitment to bringing you the very best styles, this excellent collection of women’s hats puts all of the best travel hats in one easy-to-shop place. This crushable/packable line spans a multitude of styles including sun hats, women’s fedoras and bucket hats.

No matter what your style, smart casual or sophisticated chic, our women’s Traveler Collection contains the perfect hat for any look. Each hat can be easily stored in a bag or suitcase, and they’re guaranteed to bounce right back to their original shape after a long flight or car ride. Additionally, many of our women’s travel hats include a short brim back for greater comfort during long trips.

Whether you’re packing for a two week cruise or you’re catching the train for work, let everyone know you’re a lady of grace and class by topping off your on-the-go attire with one of our impressive women’s travel hats.

  • Belfry Beech Paper Straw Fedora

    Belfry Beech

    Adjustable Paper Straw Fedora



    Regular Price: $49.00

    Special Price: $39.00

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