Stingy Brim Hats

      This year's fall staples include the perfect stingy brim. These short brim fedora, pork pie, and trilby styles have an easy to wear feel that elevates a casual look or a special occasion outfit.

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      Hats That Move With You 

      Whether you wear a hat at home, on the town, or to an event, what better way to express your unique personality than with a well-made hat? As hat lovers, we know just how important a great-looking hat can be. It can make you feel confident, chic, elegant, comfortable, and even regal.

      At Hats in the Belfry you'll find everything from simple classics to statement pieces sure to turn heads. From classic straw and felt hats, to feather fascinators, there's something here for every occasion - and even every season! Whether you need a new hat for a wedding, birthday party, holiday, date night, or just because, Hats In The Belfry is dedicated to making sure you look amazing while wearing one of our fabulous designs.

      From Italy to America: Authentic Designer Hats For Men & Women

      Belfry's commitment to quality means only authentic Italian and American craftsmanship is used. No cheap imitations will ever grace our shelves. This is not a place where you have to settle for less. Our designers work closely with master craftsmen and women who create each beautiful hat using time-honored techniques and materials. They are careful to ensure that every hand-crafted item is completed with meticulous care so that it may last long into the future. 

      All of our hats feature expertly crafted details like luxurious fabrics and intricate embroidery. Some are hand dyed by skilled artisans creating vibrant colors and patterns while others are intricately woven by hand to give them a more wearable appearance and approachability. Each designer hat is carefully selected for its outstanding craftsmanship.

      Our exclusive line of hats comes from some of the best hatmakers, including Ferruccio Vecchi, Guerra 1855, and Complit. These names are synonymous with luxury and are renowned for producing exceptional products.

      If you're looking for an original statement accessory, consider purchasing one of our hats for women.

      The Belfry Difference

      You should expect nothing short of excellence when shopping for hats online. Whether you want to flair up your hair with a fascinator, add a bit of glamour with a classic fedora, show off your fashion credentials with a cloche or look gorgeous with a sleek black wide-brim hat, Hats In The Belfry promises to bring you the latest trends in fashion-forward headgear.

      Each year, we offer many different types of hats and accessories to suit your lifestyle and needs. Shop by materials like straw, wool, synthetic, and cotton; and design features such as brims, bands, bows, and feathers; you can also sort by size and color.

      Don't forget to check out our Belfry Italia collection, which includes beautifully designed hats crafted by hand by Italian artists, as well as our Handmade For Belfry collection, which contains hats handmade by local artisans in the USA.