Men's Hat Trends for 2013

Hat trends tend to fluctuate with the culture at large, so it’s no surprise that this year’s hat trends draw from significant events and aim to emulate looks sported by fashion trailblazers (we’re looking at you, Pharrell). Here are some of the year’s most popular hat trends for men.

1. Wide-Brimmed Fedoras — Let’s face it, Pharrell Williams is almost solely to blame for this one. The iconic vintage Vivienne Westwood, worn by Williams at the 2014 Grammys, has caused a spike in interest in the modified fedora. Unlike traditional fedoras, the wide-brimmed version features a dramatic, flattened brim and — in Williams’ case — a Smokey Bear style crown. High-fashion hat-maker Nick Fouquet also created a one-of-a-kind wide-brimmed fedora with whip-stitched ribbon for Pharrell this year.

2. Bucket Hats — Contemporary fashion is all about salvaging and reinventing, which is why the men’s bucket hat has resurfaced from the pile of denim and neon that was the 1990s. What once was reserved for LL Cool J, Gilligan and fashion-forward fishermen is now popular among celebrities like Kanye West and Chris Brown. What distinguishes the modern bucket hat from the looks of the 1990s is fresh, funky and updated patterns inspired by street art and graphic design. Kangol’s new street wear collection is proof.

3. Vintage Baseball Caps — As the Nets returned to Brooklyn, so did the vintage baseball cap. This ultra-trendy modern hat look is ideal for the laid-back cap-lover who wants to keep things timeless and traditional. Companies like New Era have reissued old-school designs and added distressed embellishments to create a wearable tribute to sports legends of yesteryear.

4. Beanies — A staple in the canon of hipster fashion, the beanie reigns supreme in 2015. Once acceptable only for free-spirited types, artists and Will Smith in “I, Robot,” today’s beanie is more about high-fashion. The beanie’s contemporary couture facelift was noted by fashionistas everywhere when it debuted on the runway as part of Gucci’s AW15 ready-to-wear line.

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