What's Hot in Women's Hats

From Princess Kate Middleton’s super chic fascinators to the fictional Peggy Olson’s delightful knit berets, fashion trend-setters from far and wide have set the stage for ladies’ hat trends of 2015. This year’s hats are by and large stylish and sensible, eclectic and artistic and dainty and delicate, offering a broad range of looks for darlings of all dispositions.

1. Berets — Parfait for anyone aiming for a look that’s tres chic, the French-inspired beret is back for 2015. Whether knit or felt, women’s berets have been spotted everywhere from the streets of Milan to the runway at Spring Fashion Week. Fashion darlings like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have been photographed wearing warm, winter berets, and Kendall Jenner rocked a studded, felt version at the Marc By Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week.

2. Knit Caps — Another casual-turned-couture cap, the knitted beanie also made waves at Fashion Week. Designers like Gucci weaved the look into their 2015 collections, proving that there’s no place that’s off-limits for a chic and comfy beanie. The New York Times noted that the accessory was sported by runway models, fashion show-goers and public school children all at once during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

3. Fascinators — Princess Kate sparked many a trend in 2015 (a spike babies named Charlotte is just one example), so it’s no wonder that her fabulous fascinators have set some hat trends in motion. Ideal for any sophisticated woman who wants to make a splash at a formal event, fascinators bring a fun and feminine finish to any ensemble.

4. Women’s Fedoras — The women’s fedora is just one example of a shift in women’s fashion towards menswear-inspired looks. Along with “boyfriend”-style clothing and accessories, the ladies’ fedora works to challenge antiquated conventions in women’s fashion. Ladies’ fedoras bring an outright authority to any outfit while suggesting an eclectic and artistic spirit. Big fashion houses like Saint Laurent unveiled their own women’s fedoras this year. 

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