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Hat University

Hat University is your source of the latest and greatest hat information. With a passion for hats and hat knowledge, we understand that not everyone knows the lingo and latest trends quite like we do. We've created Hat University to empower you with the knowledge about the hats we love!

Whether you're here looking for information a specific style hat, have hopes of reading the latest hat trends, or are simply here to learn the difference between a safari hat and an outback hat, with the wealth of hat information provided you're sure to learn something new every day.

We offer many courses here at the Hat University. The curriculum is centered around the following:

Hats 101: Not sure what a porkpie hat is? Don't know the benefits of worsted wool? Our Hat Glossary gives you all the information you need to make the right decision on the hat that best suites you.

Hat Sizing 100: Found the perfect hat but you aren't sure of your size? Use our Hat Sizing Chart to help guide you to that perfect fit!

Kentucky Derby 101: Learn the traditions of Kentucky Derby hats as well as tips and tricks to making your Derby Day attire truly stand out as a fashion statement in this Kentucky Derby 101 article.

Intro to Men's Style 102: Be guided through the most up to date Men's Hat Trends of 2013.

Intro to Women's Trends 103: Learn to dress with style and sophistication following Women's Hat Trends of 2013.

Hat Cleaning 110: Know how to keep your hat in great shape longer with these tips on How To Clean A Hat.

Hat Etiquette 200: Who says chivalry is dead? Mind your manners with some tips on the proper Hat Etiquette when it matters most.

Fighting Hat Head Tips & Tricks 300: Upon completion of this class you'll have the knowledge and know-how to Prevent Hat Head.

Myth Busters 400: We attempt to unravel some of the most common Hat Myths that are floating around out there.

Peruse these hat articles at your leisure, and be sure to check back often, as we constantly search for new articles to provide you the most up to date hat information from our very own Hat University.