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      Baseball Caps

      Belfry Italia & European Caps

      We're avid fans of our everyday hats here at Hats in Belfry, and without doubt our baseball caps carry all the focus on quality that the rest of our collections do. Dependable and stylish, we offer a large selection of baseball caps in wool, leather, linen and more, for every season, every day. Whether you're looking for winter weights with the added benefit of hidden earflaps to keep you warm, or light, high quality linens to keep you covered and cool in the summer, you're sure it find it with us!

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      Storm System Fabric with Ear Flaps
      Limited Edition

      More Than Meets the Eye

      Sometimes people like to knock the ol' ballcap, but it's a style that comes with a bit of a fun evolution. 

      Back in the 1800s a move was made to switch from straw brimmed hats like boaters or skimmers to caps for sporting wear, notably for- you guessed it- baseball. Initially these styles had a very soft crown and short peak (or bill, as we call them today, neat little sidenote there for you!) but as the style evolved, the bills were extended to give better protection of the wearer's eyes from the sun and the crown given its paneled structure for a more trim, uniform look. The Detroit Tigers were the first team to have their mascot put on their caps in 1901, and the rest is... well... history. 

      With our caps, we keep it simple: quality materials for summer or winter that are meant to last, with colors and patterns that are flexible and easy to pair with your everday style, so you don't have to be armed with bat or mitt to enjoy them!