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      Whether seeking to make a bold statement with an exaggerated brim or focusing on protection from the sun, the right wide brimmed hat is sure keep you covered. We readily toe the line between function and fashion with classic Panama straw to raffia and toyo paper straws, as well as sleek felts making sure you have the right hat to meet your needs anywhere from formal summer events or just to enjoy while you're out and about the town!

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      Bold & Functional

      It's no secret flat brims have been hot in fashion the past couple of years due to the dramatic silhouettes they cut when worn, but even amidst the bold statements they make, flat and other wide brim styles hold the benefit of being functional hats as well!

      Wide and flat brim styled hats are perfect for also making sure you are protected against the sun and elements. Traditional styles like boleros and Cordovan hats were used by people working outside specifically for such needs and are some of the roots to a lot of the swanky flat brim looks sported today. Safari wide brims too serve much the same purpose, so if you're looking for style that is not only sleek and sharp, but also savvy, our collection of flat and wide brims is definitely for you!

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