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      Toyo Straw

      Toyo straw is actually a rice paper threaded into yarns to be woven like natural straws, and then usually shellacked for extra protection against the elements. The material is fairly light and gives really nice protection against the sun, with an added bonus of generally being fairly easy to recover so long as the material was not completely submerged or drenched. Hats like our Belfry Ernesto define both function and style, with its safari brim shape keeping you covered from the sun while the contrasting patterned crown and solid brim can dress up any summer look!

      Paper Braid Straw

      Paper braid straws are generally paper straws either of toyo or other paper materials that have been woven together in long strands that are then sewn together to create the body of a hat. The Belfry Margharita is a new paper braid straw for us this year, and it's easy to see the way the braided strand of straw is joined together in the precise, descending lines down through the hat body. 

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