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    Crafted with precision and tradition, each piece embodies sophistication and style. Elevate your look with the natural allure of Panama straw, perfect for any occasion under the sun. Explore our exquisite selection today.

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    Each hat is a masterpiece, meticulously handwoven by master craftsmen who have honed their skills over generations in Ecuadorian families. The delicate fibers from palm fronds are skillfully interlaced, forming intricate weaves that gracefully spiral from a central knot, giving rise to the initial blank canvas. These straw forms are then expertly blocked by our esteemed partners in the United States and Italy, where meticulous details are added, resulting in hats that exude both classic elegance and unique charm. Elevate your summer style with these exceptional accessories that effortlessly complement any ensemble.

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    About Panama Straw

    Handwoven in Ecuador out of fibers made from the leaves of the toquilla palm and made popular during the construction of the Panama Canal, Panama straws are a summer staple for us here. You can always tell when you're holding a legitimate Panama straw hat if it has that center starting knot (like as seen in our Belfry Ladd, pictured above), as well as a brand somewhere along the straw body--ours are usually spied inside the crown! This material is very light on the head so it is very comfortable to wear for long stretches of time, and with a delicately intricate weave, can give a fair bit of sun protection making it a wonderful option all summer long.