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Helen Kaminski Sun Protecion Hats

Helen Kaminski Sun Protecion Hats

Helen Kaminski is recognized internationally as the designer of natural inspired, high quality hats and accessories. Helen Kaminski creates over 200 hat and bag styles each year and has established an international reputation as a leading milliner and designer of Women's fashion accessories.

Helen finds inspiration for her collections from the natural beauty of Australia's bush land, vast beaches, and water inlands that surround her home in Sydney. Her designs also reflect the unspoiled natural environment of Madagascar where Helen often travels to develop the collection. Native handicraft and local resources feature heavily in Helen s designs.

The Helen Kaminski Sun Protection Hats feature her best selling styles that not only look great, but also offer full or partial UPF 50+ protection rating.

The Fabric Collection of Hats offer full UPF 50+ Protection rating. The entire hat has been treated for sun protection, offering great quality and protection all the way around.

The Braid/Panama Cotton Hats offer  partial UPF 50+ Protection. The fabrication used for the crown of the hats have been treated for sun protection, offering support in the area of your head where you need it the most.