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    Bailey 1922

    American Made in Adamstown, PA

    With over a century of history crafting handmade hats for every customer's need, Bailey Hats has been a name many know and love. Whether looking for a more western edge or keeping it sleek with an Elite Felt finished fedora, you're sure to find the perfect hat to keep you covered.

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    An American Dream & Legacy

    Did you know the story of Bailey Hats actually begins before its founding in 1922?

    George S. Bailey grew up in Salina, Kansas with a love and appreciation for hats, even working for the Caradine Hat Company in St. Louis after university where he had studied business. It was during this time he began to notice the limitations customers outside the East Coast had in their selection of hats and the demand therein to have needs met for those working west of the Mississippi. 

    It was then in 1922 he moved to Los Angeles to do exactly that, and started up the George S. Bailey Hat Company!

    With a foundation built on listening to their customer base to provide exactly what they sought for their day-to-day needs, be it city dress style or more rugged hats for workers in the West, the company remained family owned and run, passed from George S. Bailey to his son, Charles "Chuck" Bailey in the 1960s. Eventually, Bollman Hat Company out of Adamstown, PA acquired the brand in the mid 1980s and has kept the legacy of these American made hats continuing on and bolstered with their own rich history and innovation.

    Made in one of the last millineries to create and dye their own felt bodies, Bailey Hats come in a variety of styles to suit whatever need you may have. With Bollman's innovative LiteFelt® as seen in the Kinns and Syden, you have hats that are water and stain repellant while also keeping their shapes maintained, and the Elite Finish® of the Colver gives you the luxurious feel of fur felts but with wool instead!

    It is this dedication of continuing American made quality and ingenuity that makes us proud to provide this curated collection for you of the Bailey 1922 hats, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



    This year, we're happy to provide a staple run of their Bailey 1922 collection, all handmade here in the USA! Let's break them down, so you can see what all the hype is about!


    bailey 1922

    Since 1922, Bailey has been renowned for its exceptional headwear. Founder George Bailey's dedication to professionally crafted hats has been the cornerstone of the brand. Today, Bailey offers a diverse range of hats for everyone, including fashion-forward designs and a Western and Outdoor collection, appealing to a broad market.