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Baseball Caps Baseball Caps Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps

Baseball caps, now synonymous with the hottest of men's fashion trends, were once a genuine piece of sportswear. Over 50 years later, baseball hats aren't just used to dress down an outfit or protect your eyes from the sun's rays during a ball game anymore. These stylish men's caps saw their first peak in popularity when Hollywood film like directors Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg and Michael Moore wore baseball hats to set in the 1980s. Today you'll find fashionable baseball caps on the heads of the best dressed celebrities, from hip hop superstars and athletes to actors and comedians.

Baseball caps, a soft mens cap with a long, stiffened and curved bill come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Our collection includes top name hat designers and brands like Kangol hats and New Era EK with a mix of textures including wool, embroidery, felt applique, tweed, cotton twill and satin.

If you're unsure of your hat size, check out our Hat Sizing Chart to ensure the perfect fit for maximum for comfort. And, for those of you who know exactly what you're looking for, the collection offers a variety of fitted baseball caps, too.

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