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Greek Fisherman Greek Fisherman Greek Fisherman

Greek Fisherman

Greek fisherman caps are not only for the distinctive old man with the full gray beard; this style of men's hats is the most popular of all men's caps in the Western World and is taking the East by storm. Having been a staple uniform captains hat for fishermen in the early 1900s, the general public first saw an explosion of Greek fishing hats with the Broadway smash hit musical, Fiddler on the Roof, later turned movie in the mid 70s. The hat that was once seen only on the water is now seen on men of all shapes and sizes. Our collection of Greek fisherman hats offers hats for everyone, including big head hats, and combines the best handmade designs with a unique flavor that give you a trendy look for any season. With a rugged, yet practical feel, our Greek fishing hats will be a perfect match for your afternoon boating, fishing or yachting trip but can also compliment a stylish winter look with one of the many wool Greek fisherman hats.

Having teamed up with Aegean & Ulyssian hats for our superior men's hats collection, you won't find a more authentic Greek fishing hat in the US. Our hats have been handcrafted in an ancient town outside Athens since 1886 by hat makers with a passion for Greek fisherman hats.