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Outback Hats

Channel your inner Robert Muldoon or Indiana Jones with our selection of practical outback hats for men. These always-stylish Australian cowboy hats are most often constructed from comfortable yet heavy-duty material with wide, elongated brims designed to protect the face from the sun and rain. They’re generally made with 3- to 4-inch long brims and a 4-inch, teardrop-shaped crown. If you’re looking for a rugged, practical and distinctive men’s hat, outback hats are the obvious choice.

We carry an outback hat for every occasion and personal style. Designed by top hat makers like Stetson, Belfry, Outback Trading and Broner, each Australian outback hat has its own personality and purpose. We offer styles made with many materials, including wool, straw, leather, fur felt and nylon, to meet your exact climate needs. Many of these top-quality hats are available in a selection of colors to ensure that you get the look and shape that’s perfect for you.