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Fedora Hats

Women's fedoras have climbed to the top of fashion charts in recent years, following the trend as the most sought after men's fashion accessory. While stylish fedoras came about in the late 1800's, as an adornment to depict the upper-class, women's fedora hats have grown to be the must-have item of every season!

The early in the 20th century featured fedora hats on the heads of movie's most famous detectives and gangsters. Today we see trendy and casual fedora hats alike walking the streets from Hollywood and Vine to Red Carpet parties everywhere. Ladies have really taken to this once male dominant trend.

Find out what fashionistas like Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie have already discovered about this trend on the rise. Having graced the covers of top fashion magazines, fedora hats have an intricate and artistic designs paired with a modern twist on already cool styles. Be sure to peruse our collection today and take home any number of our impressive women's fedoras.