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Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky Derby hats are all about the big, bold and over-embellished. Pastels, patterns, feathers and bows pay tribute to the long-standing tradition of betting in your Sunday best. Whether you’ve got front row tickets at Churchill Downs or are looking for a great topper for your derby party outfit, our overflowing assortment of women’s Kentucky Derby hats is sure to include the perfect statement piece for you.

Typically, derby hats feature a dramatic, surrounding brims with rounded crowns and lightweight straw bodies. Because the derby occurs in early May, spectators’ hats should be cool, breathable and done in spring colors. But what makes a ladies’ derby hat so special is — of course — its accessories. Piled high with sweet silk flowers, elaborate ribbon embellishments and brightly colored peacock feathers, there’s really no way to overdo a women’s Kentucky Derby hat.