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Boating Hats Boating Hats Boating Hats

Boating Hats

Designed to shade the face from sun and rain, boating hats are both practical and stylish for a day on the open water. At Hats in the Belfry, we carry many types of boating hats, including classic Greek fisherman’s caps, captains’ hats, water repellent baseball caps, safari hats, skipper hats, bucket hats and more. No matter what look you prefer out on the water, we’ve got you covered (literally).

Popular Captains’ Hats

Our top-selling captains’ hats are sure to make a big splash when it comes to your maritime wardrobe. At Hats in the Belfry, you’ll find an exceptional selection of captain hats for sale, including a variety of maritime-inspired caps that have been handmade in Greece with the most authentic and high-quality materials available. Each boat captain hat is finished with nautical front braiding for a dash of deep-sea detail.

Protective Boating Headwear

Staying safe out in the sun is critical for making your boating trips more enjoyable. That’s why we also carry a great assortment of UV-protective safari hats that are ideal for boating, fishing or laying out on the beach. Made from breathable natural straw, canvas or cotton, these boat hats are lightweight enough to wear in high heat and humidity. Hats in the Belfry also supplies water resistant hats, including waxed cotton baseball caps that are wind- and water-repellent.

Top Brands

Because each of our boating hats for sale comes from a trusted manufacturer, you can trust that you’ll get a high-quality, comfortable and durable product when you order from us. At Hats in the Belfry, we carry a selection of top hat brands, including Stetson, Outback Trading and Broner. And don’t forget about our own signature line of Belfry hats for men and women. Turn to Hats in the Belfry to enjoy great nautical styles at an affordable price.