Safari Hats

      Also Known as the "Outdoor Fedora"

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      Love the pinched crown of a classic fedora hat but needing to factor in functionality with style? Look no further than our extensive collection of safari hats that are designed to withstand the elements while keeping you protected. From Panama straws, toyo, raffia and palm straws to keep you cool and protected during summer to sturdy and warm wool and fur felts, we offer a variety of choices to fit your needs.

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      A History of "Safari"

      When we say "safari hat" odds are the first hat people envision are pith helmets worn by the likes of President Theodore Roosevelt and other safari goers, and it can be a bit puzzling how such a style eventually led itself to be the safari brim hat we know today.

      As pith helmet styles took on life outside of military use so that common folk could utilize the protection and coverage they provided, need for better shading factored in the want for wider brims, leading to styles like the slouch hat popularly worn most notably in Australian military during the 1800s to replace them.

      Slouch hats were wide brim hats with a creased crown and a sloped, wide brim that could be pinned up on the sides as needed. They provided coverage from the sun and elements and from there, it's easy to see how our modern take of safari hats honestly caters to much the same. 

      With creased and pinched crowns that echo a more fedora style, safari hats now have the flexibility of being able to be dressed up or just as readily be a fantastic grab-and-go option for your everyday!