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Belfry Gifts For Her

December 9th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Everyone knows that hats make great gifts, but choosing the style for that special person on your list can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t over think things. Use this guide to picking the perfect hat for the stylish woman in your life.


If she is glamorous: A women with head turning style is the perfect candidate for a wide brim hat like the Belfry Etta. This feminine fedora in eggplant can be paired with outerwear in any color and is sure to dress up the look of even the most decorated diva.


If she likes a throwback: A cloche hat like the Helen Kaminski Eileen is reminiscent of the 1920’s, but once again popular for the modern woman. The contemporary vintage is a perfect fit for a woman who appreciates a quality piece.


If she has places to be: A woman who likes to travel will need a crushable/packable hat like the Belfry Whitney. Just because she is jet setting doesn’t mean she should have to leave her hat behind. A durable felt crushable hat will let her take her style whereever she goes.


If she is casual cool: A women’s cap style, like the Betmar Sigrid Plush Modern Cap lives right in between a formal and casual style. It can be worn with a dressy coat or simply top off a casual layered sweater look.


If she likes cozy style: A warm knit hat may be just what she needs to get through the chilly season. An extremely popular style, like the Belfry Tam that comes in a wide range of colors is just the kind of hat she can toss in her bag, or keep in her jacket pocket all season long.

If you just don’t know which hat your lady will love, there is always a Hats In The Belfry Gift Card.

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Belfry Gifts For Him!

December 6th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

This season, give the gift of great style in the form of exceptional headwear! Choosing the perfect hat for your guy does not have to be complicated. Here are a few tips for picking the best hat for the man on your list.


If he likes to dress up: A well-dressed gentleman is not complete without a topper, and a classic fedora hat in a complimenting color is just what he needs. If his hair and eyes are dark, choose a classic black, if he has light hair or blue eyes, go for a grey, and if he is hazel or green eyed, try a warm brown. The Belfry Goon comes in all three and is made of durable soft wool.


If he prefers casual cool: A flat cap in grey wool can be worn with almost any winter ensemble, from formal overcoat, to layered sweater, to sweatshirt. With a foldable cap like the Belfry Ross, you have the ease of portability. Just roll it up and stick it in your pocket. This cap style comes in a variety of colors, but the classic neutrals will carry him from season to season.


If he takes fashion risks: A pub cap in a print is just the edge that your stylish guy will appreciate. This fitted cap style with rounded crown is growing in popularity among the cap styles for the modern man. Choose a cap like the Kangol Plaid 504 and you will seem like the expert on the newest trends in men’s headwear.


If he is more for conservative classics: You can never go wrong with the classic fur felt fedora like the Borsalino Franco. This hat is expertly constructed to stand the test of time, if cared for properly. The style has been among the most popular men’s hats for over 100 years. Traditional black goes with every outerwear option.


If he likes a throwback: Why not go way back and give the gift of a bowler hat? This was the first hat to become mainstream popular, and is reminiscent of a simpler time when Chaplin was the funniest guy on earth, and no one left the house without a head covering. This classic Belfry Bowler hat is still one of the most flattering styles in men’s headwear.

If you really cannot decide on the perfect style for your guy, there is always a Hats In The Belfry Gift Card.

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Contemporary Cloche Hats

November 20th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

A new wave of modernized women’s cloche hats has become the perfect accents to a current wardrobe. Designers of this seasons’ women’s cloche hats take inspiration from the art deco era while incorporating on season color palettes and adoring with contemporary accessories. These innovate styles, while a few steps away from the traditional cloche hat, are true to the spirit of the women who wore the cloche style in the 20s-40s. The modern women’s cloche hat is unique and artful, often asymmetrical, and truly head turning.


Grace Claudette – 1940’s Inspired Cloche

If you’re into modern vintage, the Grace Claudette is the perfect hat for you. This 1940’s inspired cloche hat is made of 100% wool and has an adjustable interior band to ensure a comfy fit. Featuring charming bow on the back, you’re sure to turn heads whether you’re coming or going.


Grace Caplet – Adjustable Wool Pillbox Cloche

Vintage appeal, with a modern flair, the Grace Caplet is a chic pillbox cloche hat. Shallower than a standard cloche, this dress hat hints at brim with it’s artfully contoured silhouette, and making it the perfect hybrid between the classic cloche and pillbox styles. Resting to the side of the sculpted brim, the Caplet features a classy faux fur accent that truly makes this hat a winter beauty.


Broner Florence – Contemporary Wool Cloche

Cute and simple, the Broner Florence is a cloche hat that will keep you toasty and warm. Made of 100% wool, the body of this hat is durable and is sure to keep out the winter chill. The self-trim rose adornment to the side breaks up the streamline silhouette and gives this cloche just a touch of femininity without going over the top.


Belfry Aurora – Handmade Fur Felt Cloche

The Belfry Aurora is modern vintage fashion at it’s best. Made of fine quality fur felt, the velour look of the body paired with the matte texture of the wide band and smooth sheen of the feather adornment make for a monochromatic masterpiece. The sophisticated stylings of this little black hat, make the Aurora perfect for topping off your fall and winter dress attire.

Needless to say cloche hats are not just for flappers!

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Caring for your Fur Felt Fedora

November 12th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Men's Hats

So you finally invested in a quality fur felt fedora hat. Congratulations!! A quality men’s fur felt fedora hat will last for many years if it is cared for properly. Luckily you do not have to go out and purchase a lot of products to keep your hat looking like new. A hat box, a soft bristle hat brush, and a little love is all you need.


Store the hat on the crown: Especially if you have a style like the Belfry Fairwind, fedora hat, that has a completely turned down brim, storing the hat on the crown will prevent your brim from losing its shape. Storing your fur felt fedora on the brim will eventually lead to it becoming misshapen.

Store the hat in a box: When you are not wearing your fur felt fedora hat, especially during the off-season, it is best to store your hat in a hat box. This prevents dust from accumulating on the fur felt, and provides protection from potentially being crushed if it is stored on a hook or a shelf.


After your hat gets wet: Fur felt is naturally water resistant which means it does not require special water treatments or sprays. If your fur felt fedora does get wet, shake off excess water, let dry, then lightly brush clean.

Cleaning fur felt fedoras: To clean your fur felt fedora, use a soft bristle hat brush to brush counter-clockwise. Start with the crown, and finish with the brim. You can use steam to lift dust and spots, and lightly reshape if needed.


Do not pinch the crown: It is best to handle your fur felt fedora by the brim. Even though the divots in the crown that give the men’s fedora hats their signature style, seems like the perfect place to grab with your thumb and finger, the oils from your hands can over time leave marks on the fur felt. Holding your hat by the brim is the best way to handle any fedora hat.

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Women’s Fall Hat Styles

November 9th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style

The season for women’s felt hats is here! Of course hats keep us warm when the temperatures start to dip, but more importantly they are a way to express our personal style through outerwear. The favorites among the Belfry collection of women’s fall hats this year, are modern versions of classic styles including, women’s fedora hats, big brim hats, and cloche hats.


Women’s Fedora Hats

The Belfry Adele is a classic women’s fedora hat style, adapted for the current woman with a turned down brim and delicate braided band. This hat is 100% wool with a center dent and traditional pinched crown. The teal color goes perfectly with any color coat, black, brown, grey or print.


The Belfry Etta is a vintage inspired women’s fedora hat that is a throwback in form, but modern in styling. This big brim hat has a center dent and smooth lines. The eggplant color is rich and warm, set off with the dual grosgrain bands in grey and black. This is a great transitional hat from fall to winter.


Women’s Big Brim Hats

The Belfry Whitney has a 3” brim and smooth rounded crown. The color is called Prussian, a rich green that is a great transitional color from fall to winter. This big brim hat has a feminine style, is traditional yet modern, and comes in three sizes.


Cloche Hats

The Belfry Adeen fur felt cloche hat (available in black) is rich fur felt, naturally water resistant, and decadent to the sight and touch. The ultra wide grosgrain band and fastening buttons give this cloche hat a unique look that is sure to impress cloche lovers. This is truly a modern version of this classic hat style sure to be relevant for years and years to come.

The Belfry Anita is a short brimmed cloche hat with a dual grosgrain band that provides just a hint of contrasting color. The murino wool has a soft wool finish that is a complimentary texture when paired with a standard wool coat. A classic women’s cloche hat truly sets the wearer apart, so expect to receive plenty of compliments when wearing this style.

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Picking the Perfect Men’s Cap

November 6th, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style

The time is now to establish a fall-winter outerwear look that defines your personal style. The best thing about this look, is you really only have to have one, your go to coat, scarf, and cap that can take you through the whole season.

A thoughtfully styled wardrobe for men should absolutely include a hat or cap. The trick is finding the hat style that compliments your personal style.


Driver & Ivy Caps – This classic cap style goes by many names: golf cap, ivy cap, Jeff cap, and driver cap, just to name a few. It is a good compliment to your pea coat in the really cold months, or a lighter trench coat in the milder months. This style comes in wool, cotton, and leather in solids, prints, and paneled.

Pick the driver cap for men if: your style is classic.


Flat Caps – The men’s flat cap is a great style to choose for the season change, as they are casual enough to be worn with or without outerwear. If you are more of a sweater wearer or someone who likes to layer, you can absolutely find a flat cap to compliment your look. Flat caps come in prints including camo, houndstooth, tweed, as well as classic solids like grey, brown, and black.

Pick the flat cap for men if: your style is casual classic.


Newsboy caps – The newsboy cap is a throwback style that still feels modern. Men’s newsboy caps are also known as eight quarter caps (for their 8 panels), apple caps, and Gatsby caps. These hats are fuller than the flat caps or driver caps, compliment looks from casual to formal and come in wool, cotton, and distressed leather.

Pick the newsboy cap for men if: your style is a throwback.


Pub & Duck Bill Caps – Men’s pub caps are a style of cap that is becoming more and more popular each season. This style has a little more structure in the crown than other styles of men’s caps and the brim is typically sewn or snapped fitting more like a ball cap than a classic cap. Pub caps come in varying prints making them a great addition to a wardrobe that is a little more head turning. Expect to receive compliments when sporting a Belfry pub cap.

Pick the pub cap for men if: Your style is modern casual.

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Happy Hatterween!

October 23rd, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style

Whether you are a professional Halloweener or looking for a quick and easy costume, selecting the perfect hat is exactly the place to start. A great hat can compliment costumes ranging from historical figures to fictional characters to occupational.


Felt Fedora – Blue’s Brothers

Grab you best buddy, put on a black suit, sunglasses, and top it off with a black felt fedora hat. If you have a singing and dancing act, that is an added bonus.

Other costume ideas: 1920’s Gangster, Indiana Jones, Freddy Kruger, Frank Sinatra


Boater Hat – Barbershop Quartet

You can go with a group or venture alone, but all you need to pull off this look is a classic boater hat, bow tie, and striped jacket. With the appropriate hat, if your pitch perfect harmonies aren’t quite refined, that will be overlooked.

Other costume idea: Gondola Operator


Cloche Hat – Flapper

The 1920’s fashions would not be complete without the appropriate headwear. The cloche hat was part of the it style during that time period and is essential to completing the flapper costume.


Deerstalker – Sherlock Holmes

There is no mistaking the iconic hat that is synonymous with the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes. A deerstalker hat, trench coat, and pipe are all you need to pull of this look.


Bowler Hat – Charlie Chaplin

The bowler hat is a style made famous by the funny man, Charlie Chaplin. Do not forget to paint on his signature mustache and use the cravat style tie knot.

Other costume idea: Clockwork Orange

See our full list of recommended Halloween Hats

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Types of Fedoras

August 15th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Men's Hats, Spring & Summer Hats

Fedora Hats are found atop many people’s heads. If you go outside and walk around, look for someone with a hat. Chances are the hat they are wearing is either a baseball cap or some type of fedora hat. A fedora hat is, to many people, the most stylish of all hats. Borsalino, one of the most iconic names in the hat industry, is known for their high quality fedora hats. You find them in and out of movies, on top of celebrities’ heads, and filling the streets. For example, look who we found at Preakness 2013, showing off his fedora pride:

Yes, that’s Kevin Spacey with GM of Stores, Jennifer Gerety.

What are the Types of Fedoras?

So, how many different types of fedoras can you come up with? Once you’re done, see if yours matches ours. Here’s the list of the types of fedoras we came up with:
Wool Fedora Hat
1. Classic Fedoras – There’s no better place to start than the original, classic fedoras. To most, the word “fedora” always pops one image on their mind: the classic fedora. Most of our classic fedoras are made from 100% wool, such as the Belfry Gangster which could easily be found atop any mob boss’s head!

Panama Fedora Hat2. Straw Fedoras – Fedoras also come in straw. We love the hand-woven Panama Straw in particular and highly recommend it. Straw is a common material because of its bright feel-good feel that fits comfortably on any head. Its crack resistant liner makes it not only durable, but also comfortable for adjusting and readjusting many times over. Take the Belfry Washington for example; it’s stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. The perfect straw hat, without the itchy head.
Indiana Jones Hat
3. Safari Fedoras – Safari fedoras are very similar to the straw fedoras, except in a different style. Many safari fedoras are also made from Panama Straw and have a noticeably different style than any other fedora. When you see them, you automatically think of an adventurer such as Indiana Jones. The brim on these hats is oftentimes noticed first. Coupled with a subtle band, these hats are the perfect fashion statement. Did you know we sell an Indiana Jones hat called the “Indy”? It’s a wool felt safari hat that is a must-have for Indiana Jones fans!

wool pork pie hat4. Pork Pie – The pork pie (also known as “stingy”) fedora style is a favorite among many because of its smaller snap brim. It became a fashion statement back in the 1990s and is still found today. History commonly shows pork pie hats coming and going freely. One day everyone has it on, and the next nobody has it. This is mostly due to releases of hit music videos, movies, and TV shows where characters/celebrities will show off their classic pork pie hat. The most recent example is likely Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad, where he is occasionally found with his pork pie fedora. Speaking of Walter White, our Belfry Be-Bop pork pie hat has a shockingly similar resemblance…
Kangol Fedora Hat
5. Trendy Trilby Fedoras – The trilby fedora hat is a type of fedora that also has its own category because of its unique tall and contemporary fedora style. Trilby fedoras are easy to travel with because of their crushability. They come with a classic pre-snap shape for an easy-to-wear comfortable feeling. Our Kangol Wool Arnold trilby fedora is the poster child for trilby fedoras. Trilby’s can also come in various materials such as straw, wool, and felt.

Fedoras are extremely fashionable and useful for just about any occasion. A fedora hat can be worn as a part of your business attire, when you’re trying to be serious, if you want to be mysterious, or if you just want to wear it casually. They are the signature men’s hat of this time and won’t drop in popularity any time soon, so if you’re looking for a men’s hat, start at our fedora section! If you’re interested in pork pies or the trilby fedoras, make sure you visit their own specific pages (yeah, they’re that popular!).

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Beach Hats For Women

Grab the sun tan lotion, towels, and 2-piece bathing suits; it’s beach time! We all know between mid-July and mid-August is one of the hottest times of the year, so if you’re headed to the beach to cool off, why not do it in style? Grab only the hottest most fashionable beach hats for your trip.
Here’s a sample of just a few of the beach hats for women that we offer (If you don’t find one you like, check the rest of our women’s beach hats out):Women's Beach Hats

1. This beach hat perfect for blocking out the sun, while camouflaging with the sand all at the same time. Time to finally tan in peace…and style. This poly-braid hat is durable and even comes with a grosgrain sweatband inside. Check it out!

2. For those who don’t want a beach hat that grabs all the attention, but still protects you from the sun, I give you a women’s straw hat! If you like the look of plain straw hats, this is the hat for you. It’s sturdy and crushable, which you don’t find in your average straw hat! This means you can pack it up with your umbrella in the same case for easy storage when you want to swim without it blowing away with the wind (or growing legs and walking away). Check it out!

3. This beach hat comes in 3 different colors: black, white, and wheat (yeah, wheat is a color). The durable and stylish straw braid swinger hat is made of 100% paper, this hat is ideal for keeping the sun out of your eyes with its flexible brim. Really, this hat is a bargain since it can double for a traveling hat. Check it out!

4. Christine A. Moore Millinery hats make for some super-stylish beach hats! Made of durable panama, this hat is ideal for the beach. If your luck is as good as mine, it will rain the moment you get settled in at the beach. If so, you’re in luck: this beach hat is made of panama, which is resistant to light rain (and splashes from the ocean). Check it out!

5. Here comes the brimless beach hats. Tired of those brims getting in the way of your view of the ocean? Try out this cotton bucket hat. Style without the brim, you’ll be ready for running along the beach without it flying away. Made of 100% cotton, it’s lightweight and has a fashionable rope band. Check it out!

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Borsalino Hats: Only the Best!

August 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style, Hats in the News, Men's Hats

We sell many different types of hats from multiple different brands. Each brand has their own style and methods to making their hats, but one brand stands out: Borsalino. Borsalino hats are men’s hats that are of the highest quality because they are made by hand. When you look to buy a hat, what do you look for? Comfort, style, and durability come to mind. You want your hat to look nice, feel nice, and last as long as possible. Some hats look nice, but are uncomfortable in sizing, shape, and overall material. Others feel nice but lack that extra fashion sense. The only way you can achieve all 3 is through the method used to make the hat. That’s where Borsalino dominates!

Borsalino Hats - Manufacturing Process

Borsalino hats are made by hand over a course of 7 weeks. In these 7 weeks, they go through a long process filled with machines and hand-working specialists. It’s the hand-work that makes them stand out in front all the rest. In order to ensure their hats are high-quality, they inspect them at every step of the process for quality. Borsalino hats are made from rabbit fur and are inspected as soon as the hood is made. If the quality does not meet their standards, it is discarded permanently and re-done from scratch.

Borsalino Hats Varieties

We sell Borsalino hats of many different varieties and styles. There is a hat for every occasion, vacation, or just for a night on the town. Find the one that matches your personality and occasion! Here are some examples:

The Borsalino Antony hat is a hand-made straw, fedora-style hat. The brim can be snapped up or down depending on how formal you want to appear. The quality and overall build of the hat will give you a nice surprise when you’re wearing it!

The Borsalino Compania II is another fedora-styled hat that is made exclusive Hats in the Belfry. This exclusive hat has a soft fur felt material that is smooth to the touch and is naturally water-resistant. Because it can be rolled up, it is easy to put in your travel bag or any other location for easy storage until you’re ready to wear it.

This Borsalino hat, known as the Borsalino Avventuriero, is our Panama straw safari hat. It’s perfect for traveling in the hot sun and is supposed to change color slightly when in the sun due to the hand-woven Panama straw.

The Borsalino Bruno is a casual blend of cashmere and wool giving it a nice, fresh, clean look. This classic newsboy cap has a single snap front peak and a smooth satin interior lining. This lining, along with the grosgrain sweatband give you a nice comfortable hat that is covered is stitched to the detail all around.

Finally we have the Borsalino Matri, which is a blend of wool and linen materials. Its subtle denim design across the top and 3-point back will give you a true high-quality Ivy cap fashion style, without the bold colorful plaid designs. This hat is currently on sale for $25 off (Web purchases only)!

More Borsalino Products

For more Borsalino products visit our Men’s Borsalino Hats page. We have more of these high-quality, hand-made hats as well as scarves.

If you want to learn more about Borsalino’s process and company, visit their Hand Made page.

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