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Complete Your Jet Set Look

August 18th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, achieving that ultra-cosmopolitan jetsetter look is a must for ensuring that you disembark looking fresh and fashionable. Ladies love a good-looking floppy brim hat for long flights because they double as a style accessory and an in-flight sun- and light-blocker (seriously) so choose this option if you want to sleep until landing. Men might choose a classic travel hat — like the globetrotter’s favorite Stetson Stratoliner with a cool airplane pin — or something more comfortable and laid-back, like a bucket hat or ivy cap.

Hats in the Belfry’s Travel-Friendly Hat Tips:

Choose rollable, packable hats. These hats are designed to bounce back to their original shape and structure, even after being stored in your luggage for a lengthy red-eye.

Pack weather-resistant hats. Rather than trying to jam in several climate-specific caps in your suitcase, select a sun-and-rain-hat in one, like a weather-proof safari hat or bucket hat.

Go with versatile colors. Save space when you choose a tan, white or black hat that goes with a variety of different looks and outfits.

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Look Like A Pro With Our Favorite Golf Caps

August 13th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Achieving a hole-in-one look on the green is simple and smart when you finish your ensemble with a classic golf hat. Here are some great ideas for looking good and staying cool for eighteen holes.

The preppy pub cap: Ideal for golfers who prefer a classic look or who tend to golf at more traditional clubs and courses, the pub cap brings an old-school vibe to the invitational. Go classic with a plaid or solid-colored, blocked construction golf cap or opt for something more up-to-date, like a Kangol pub cap with a trendy print or pattern. Shop our pub caps >

The versatile visor: Look cool and casual a la Bubba Watson with a stylish golf visor. Designed for both comfort and performance, the sun visor is a fine choice for summertime golfing because it protects you from the sun without compromising your full range of view. Shop our visors >

The Woods’ ball cap: You can’t go wrong when you show up at the course sporting the classic Tiger Woods hat — a contemporary baseball cap with a fitted back. This is the ultimate look for the modern golfer who wants to look cool and casual while still honoring the dress code. Shop our ball caps >

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Festival Fashion: This Season’s Best Hats

June 9th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

It’s mid-summer and you’ve found yourself sweltering in the sun at a busy music festival. For both fashion and function, you’ll want a quality festival hat that’s going to shield you from the sun’s glare (or an unexpected downpour) while adding to your free-spirited fashion.

Fur felt fedora hats

There’s no denying that the felt panama hat has worked its way well into boho fashion. With a low crown, darling dimples and braided leather or band accents, this cute hat is great for sensible, stylish festival wear. Ultra-chic yet down-to-earth, the modern fedora is ideal for adventurers, artists, musicians and fans.

Floppy brim hats

Fully shield your face from the sun with a festival-friendly floppy brim hat. Typically made from breathable straw that helps keep you cool in sweat-inducing temperatures, floppy brim sun hats also offer a chic silhouette with their rounded crowns and down-turned brims.

Packable rain hats

If you’re faced with rain, be sure to pack a rain hat, like a waterproof cloche or bucket hat, in your bag. These hats are made to compress into a tiny, travel-friendly size for your purse or pocket and then decompress without compromising the hat’s structure or texture. You’ll thank us when there’s a downpour during D’Angelo.

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Five of the Most Iconic Women’s Hats in History

June 2nd, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

We combed through the history books to find the five most iconic women’s hats, ever. Now, we’re opening up our research to you, so you, too, can add ageless hat styles to your wardrobe.

1. Jackie O’s Pillbox

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy famously paired a wool, double-breasted pink Chanel suit with a matching pink pillbox on November 22, 1963 — the day her husband was assassinated. The heartbroken style icon insisted on wearing the same, though now blood-stained, ensemble during Lyndon B. Johnson’s swearing-in ceremony.

2. Audrey Hepburn’s Big Brim

Although Hepburn played many roles that emphasized haute hats, it’s Holly Golightly’s black, wide brim hat in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” that has its own special place in the history of women’s hats.

3. Diane Keaton’s Bowler

Famous for her daring delves into menswear fashion, Diane Keaton is a true hat icon. Wearing the now-famous black bowler hat as Annie Hall (a role written specifically for Keaton herself) in the 1977 Woody Allen hit, solidified the star’s androgynous fashion profile forevermore.

4. Annie Oakley’s Cowgirl

The Annie Oakley cowgirl hat has long been regarded as a symbol of adventure, persistence and the Wild West. Trailblazers love the style so much that an authentic Annie Oakley Stetson hat sold for over $17,000 at a recent auction.

5. Queen Elizabeth II’s Medium Brims

You can’t talk about hat icons without mentioning Her Majesty herself. All of the Queen’s structured, brimmed hats will have their place in history, but her sunny yellow Royal Wedding hat will forever have its place in the canon of women’s fashion.

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We Tip Our Hats to the Hats of Mad Men

May 22nd, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Although Mad Men is set in the cutthroat world of advertising in 1960s New York City, the series has undoubtedly sparked a modern interest in vintage business fashions. From Joan Holloway’s high-waisted dresses to Don Draper’s skinny ties, style-lovers have been keeping a close eye on the characters’ wardrobes. There’s one aspect of the ensembles in particular that has inspired Hats in the Belfry: the stylish, dapper and delightful Mad Men hats.

Don Draper

The most popular Mad Men-style hat is, without question, the Don Draper fedora. This polished protagonist regularly rocks a classic, dimpled fedora made from fur felt or straw. Generally done in menswear-appropriate grays and tans, the Don Draper fedora has a short, downturned brim with a crisp band and the occasional feather. Hey, there’s a reason why Jon Hamm donated one of Draper’s sleek, gray fedoras to the Smithsonian earlier this year — it’s a cultural icon.

Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling regularly complements his gray flannel suits with a hat of his own. Much like Draper’s, Sterling’s caps pay tribute to the old-school, gangster-inspired fedoras that rose to popularity in the 1920s and ‘30s. The only thing you’ll need to finish off this authentic Sterling look is a floor-length trench coat and a three-piece suit.

Joan Holloway

The fashion-forward Joan Holloway is the super-stylish secretary to Sterling Cooper that has inspired fashion envy with her brightly colored, tight-fitting workday wardrobe that’s complemented by fun, floral accessories. Channeling your inner Joan is easy with sweet side fasteners adorned with flower and jewel accents.

Peggy Olson

Hat-lovers never overlook the adorable Peggy Olson, Don Draper’s determined secretary. The unexpected fashion darling is known for wearing super-chic pillbox hats and knitted beanies that are set at the back of the crown. Something tells us Peggy Olson keeps a collection of cloches in her closet, too.

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How To Wear A Cloche Hat

May 15th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Fashion & Style

When worn properly, a cloche hat can bring timeless elegance to any ensemble, whether it be dressy or casual.

Traditionally, cloche hats are meant to be worn at a slight angle to hang over a small portion of the face. Ensure that you choose the proper hat size so that your cloche is snug enough over the crown of your head to stay put when worn at an angle. Reference our hat sizing guide to learn how to measure your head for sizing.

When choosing the right cloche hat for a specific outfit or occasion, pay close attention to materials used. Dressier cloche hats should be constructed from more structured materials, like luxurious fur felt or textured wool. If you’re looking for a more casual cloche hat, opt for one made from stylish straw or practical cotton.

If you’re in the market for a more vintage cloche, opt for a wide brim style that emphasizes the classic cap’s bell shape. Contemporary cloches may feature more updated adornments, like chain-link belting or slim hatbands. Cloches are a great way to highlight your hairstyle and complement pixie cuts, bobs and bang cuts.

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Our Hats vs. The Royals

May 8th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Hats have always been a symbol of royalty, since at least as far back as the days of Pharaoh Cleopatra, who was known to wear exotic, winged headpieces made from gold and precious stones. Here’s how some of our hats stack up to ones worn by contemporary royals.

Princess Kate vs. Hats in the Belfry: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was seen sporting this Canadian-inspired, red maple leaf fascinator in honor of Canada Day in 2011. Our version, a chic floral fascinator made by Christine A. Moore, features the same decorated disc style with elegant top details.

Queen Elizabeth vs. Hats in the Belfry: Her Majesty donned this brightly-colored, floral straw hat on June 6, 2014 during a D-Day memorial service. The Plaza Suite Lanna formal sun hat features the same eye-catching green body plus dainty floral details to honor the queen herself.

Zara Phillips vs. Hats in the Belfry: Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, wore this effortlessly chic all-black, belted cloche in march of 2010. The super stylish Belfry Celine shares the hat’s thin, double-belted style and subtle side bow.

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Spring Style Guide: Bucket Hats

May 5th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Made famous by trendsetters like Pharrell Williams, Samuel L. Jackson and LL Cool J, the bucket hat has always been synonymous with cool. Here’s how you can use bucket hats to enhance your spring and summer ensembles with styles sold at Hats in the Belfry.

For the artist: The Kangol Marker Pen Rev features a Kangol logo pattern that appears to be hand-drawn with fresh ink. Artists love the delightful, inspiring doodles that adorn this hat.

For the trendsetter: The super casual Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat features a textured, year-round fabric in a cool, Army-inspired shade. The central, embroidered Kangol logo adds a trendy touch.

For the utilitarian: The Belfry Grenville Bucket Hat is a weather-proof bucket hat made for enduring rain and snow. Constructed from a waxed cotton body, this rollable and packable bucket hat is essential for wear during downpours.

For the loafer: The casual Stetson Walt is an informal plaid trilby that keeps you looking laid-back. The cool window pane plaid gives off a cool confidence, making this hat great for wear from the streets to the beach.

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How To Pack A Panama Hat

April 10th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

Panama hats are generally made from woven straw material that’s known to compress without compromising the material or shape of the hat. This makes Panama hats great for travel, but you should follow these tips on how to pack a Panama hat to ensure that you don’t affect the hat’s permanent shape or quality.


First, you’ll want to turn down the brim on your Panama hat to create a flat-brimmed appearance. Next, carefully push out the crown and fold the hat in half to prepare for easier rolling. Place your finger into the crown portion to ensure that you’re rolling the hat loosely enough to avoid damaging the straw. Then you’ll want to lightly roll the hat into itself and secure it with a rubber band.

You can also pack your Panama hat without folding or rolling it by using it organize smaller items within your suitcase. The bowl-shaped crown on a Panama hat is great for storing small, clean necessities, like socks and swimsuits.

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How To Reshape A Straw Hat

April 6th, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in Hats in the News

It’s a common concern among hat-lovers: your straw hat has become misshapen and lopsided after being squished in storage for too long. Straw, especially high-quality straw, is a woven material that’s well-loved for its forgiving properties, so you should be able to reshape a straw hat using these restorative techniques.

By hand — Use your hands to gently pop out any dents or folds and then stuff the crown with tissue paper. Leave the tissue-stuffed hat for several hours or days to ensure that the straw adjusts to its new shape.

Using steam heat — You can safely steam straw hats that don’t have any inner wiring. Using a clothing steamer or the steam setting on your standard clothing iron, dampen the straw and then smooth the material by hand. If you want to uncurl the brim of a misshapen straw hat, lay something heavy along the brim to help re-flatten the edges after steaming.

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