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Giovannio Hats Giovannio Hats Giovannio Hats

Giovannio Hats

Giovannio was founded in the early part of the twentieth century as an importer of fine Italian women's accessories to the American market. Io Giovanni always had one very clear vision in mind: to make hats that women would love to wear every day. His genius was to enhance the mystery, allure, and wit of the wearer.

From fashion to wedding and from casual to upscale, Giovannio makes headwear look modern and compelling. Skillfully crafted hats for both men and women who enjoy showing their unique style for the sake of glamour or to shade their face from the sun. Inventive and cozy styles for demanding city women. Distinctive headpieces for the fashion-conscious bride. Functional and laid back creations for the sophisticated male. Giovannio offers a crescendo of colors and a vast array of shapes.