Kathy Jeanne

      Vintage Inspired Class & Elegance

      It is with romantic elegance that our Garden Party collection with Kathy Jeanne comes to full bloom for you this season! From the classy silhouettes to the touches of feathers, lace, and unfurling blossoms atop textural weaves of straw, no detail is spared to bring delight. So, whether you enjoy the drama of fascinators or the whimsical vintage touch of even a top hat, you're sure to find the perfect final touch to your Garden Party look!


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      Handmade in Fairfield, New Jersey

      Co-owned by siblings Jay and Jeanne Gerish, Kathy Jeanne Millinery came to be established in 1985 in Fairfield, New Jersey - just a few short hours away from our humble home of Maryland. 

      With Jeanne Marie Gerish as lead designer, vintage presses and wooden hat blocks help give life to classic silhouettes coaxed into our present with elegant, sometimes playfully hand stitched trim and care.

      There is a distinct timelessness to each Kathy Jeanne hat because of the way they manage to tread those lines of the classic and modern, making them perfect for any lady who enjoys nods to bygone days with classy cloches or the delicate drape of curling feathers framing her face while also sporting dramatic, sleek lines and exaggerated angles. 

      Embrace elegance and enjoy these wonderfully handcrafted hats from our fantastic partners at Kathy Jeanne Millinery! 

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