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New Era EK Hats Logo New Era's EK Collection is designed for the fashion trailblazers of our time. Drawing inspiration from the same design elements their founder Ehrhardt Koch used, this collection blends the distinction of key fashion eras with the hottest styles of today. Whether you're hanging in or stepping out, the New Era EK Collection is handcrafted to fit your lifestyle.

By blending basic fedoras, driving/ivy, newsboy and pub/duckbill cap styles with some different patterns and materials, each hat takes on it's own attitude and style, carrying with it an air of individuality that lets you make a statement every time you step outside your door.

14 New Era EK Hats On 1 Page

New Era EK Trawler - Woven Straw Fedora
Was: $64.00
Now: $33.00

14 New Era EK Hats On 1 Page
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