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Bucket Hats

Although most often associated with 1960s and 1990s fashion, the women’s bucket hat is again making a powerful resurgence. Defined by its floppy, sloping brim and decorative side or top eyelets, the bucket hat is a classic example of chic-meets-casual headwear. This versatile style knows no boundaries, as it has been a staple accessory among everyone from couture runway models and pop stars to rappers and hip-hop artists.

We carry tons of bucket hats for women in many contemporary and classic designs to prove that this look goes far beyond Gilligan’s getup on the SS Minnow. Classic bucket hats done in durable cotton or canvas material are great for wearing in the outdoors for a more casual look, while our fancier Italian cotton or wool bucket hats are sophisticated enough to top off dressy ensembles. Hats by Betmar, Christys Crown, Christine A. Moore, Grace and Belfry create a well-rounded selection of styles to choose from at Hats in the Belfry.