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Designer Hats

Our assortment of designer hats for women is overflowing with chic and fashion-forward styles by the world’s most trailblazing milliners. These hot styles come from all over the globe, from New York’s Fashion District to the streets of Milan, to create a complete collection of women’s designer hats that’s sure to inspire and impress. We carry designer hats by top designers, including Christine A. Moore, Eric Javits, Kokin, Cha Cha, Giovannio and Belfry.

If you’re looking for couture hats that are going to make a statement without breaking the bank, you’ll adore our high-fashion Belfry hats. Sweet swingers and cool cloches are topped with elegant adornments like pastel floral accents, while hand-woven straw or raffia bodies create structured elegance. Our vast assortment of haute Christine A. Moore hats includes globally inspired designs made from the world’s finest materials, like fur felt and beaver fur.