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Grace Hats

Grace is a hat line that started in Tokyo in the early 1990s but has since grown to global proportions. Operating on the principal that original, fashionable designs are better when made with delicate, intricate manufacturing techniques, Grace hats have continued to gain popularity in fashion magazines and on the runway. Each Grace hat is made with materials sourced from all over the globe, including organic raffia, 100 percent wool and linen.

Hats by Grace are particularly adored by ladies who love things a little bit old-fashioned. Vintage-inspired hats, like stylish mod caps and cloche caps, meet asymmetrical fedoras and women’s ivy caps that have been crafted to pay tribute to bygone styles. From Grace’s best-selling 1940s-inspired cloche to its retro lace mod cap, there’s a style in this collection that honors every era. We also carry chic sun hats, top hats and knitted hats in our Grace selection.