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San Diego Hat Co. San Diego Hat Co. San Diego Hat Co.

San Diego Hat Co.

San Diego hats constantly work to create fashionable women's hats that are full of color, style and fabrics and that provide maximum functionality and value. With a passion for world travel, the San Diego Hat Company launched their business in Bali, Indonesia back in 1993, then moved to California in 2000 where they really took off as a globally recognized hat company.

With a wide variety of materials and styles, San Diego Hats incorporate straw hats for the spring and summer and wool hats for fall and winter seasons. Being at the forefront of fashion trends, San Diego hats strives to create the hottest styles. Whether you're looking for a sun hat for weekend gardening or a mod cap for a fresh fall look, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our collection of San Diego hats.