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Sun Protection Sun Protection Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Traditionally, women's sun hats were only worn to shade your shoulders and face. With a passion for fashion, we've taken our sun hats to the next level, as it is equally important to preserve your style while protecting your head from the sun's harmful rays.

Our impressive women's sun hats include some of the most requested styles of women's hats, including straw hats and big brim hats. Hollywood has really helped the popularity of these classic sun protection hats, especially with Sarah Jessica Parker's hit television show turn movie, Sex and the City.

Our sun hats are crafted from lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk organza and raffia to ensure easy wear while you step out in hot temperatures. Whether you're shopping for a comfortable hat for an afternoon luncheon with your friends, or protection for a sunny morning planting in your garden, protect yourself in one of our women's sun hats.