Man in White hat with blue band

Men's Italian Hat Style Guide

One of the things we pride ourselves on is bringing you some of the very best hats to incorporate in your everyday hatty endeavors, and as some of our main sources are the wonderful family owned milliners in Italy, we bring tried and trusted fashion to top of your looks. Curious? Here's what coming in hot for your summer style needs!

Belfry Nunzio Fedora Hat



Belfry Nunzio

This gorgeous fedora was created in collaboration with Tesi Hats, one of Italy’s finest milliners. Made of natural braided Abaco straw, it features a classic center-dent crown, a woven striped hat band and an unlined interior fitted with a grosgrain ribbon inner band for comfort. With a classic style and versatile snap-brim that can be worn up or down, this Italian-made men’s hat is perfect for both casual and dress-up occasions. Pair it with a sharp linen suit, or dress it down with a cool graphic shirt or button down and shorts for walking around downtown! 

Belfry Gerardo

Made in collaboration with Guerra 1855, this stunning Italian men’s hat is made of the finest Italian linen. Featuring a simple Guerra pin adornment coupled a grosgrain ribbon, it’s perfect for a guy who prefers a simple-but-chic men’s fedora. It’s super lightweight and breathable for added comfort while also being a fantastic packable option for your summer travels without sacrificing style.




Belfry Gennaro

With its sleek six panel look, the Belfry Gennaro will keep you cool with its 100% silk material, and looking even cooler with its juxtaposed plaid and herringbone patterns. As with all flat caps, you can feel free to put this to use no matter where you are headed, but the paneled look with give you a nice classic edge to dress it up for a nice day out.

Belfry Alfio

Light patterned silk in either beige or rust, if you're a fan of unique touches that will draw the eye, the Belfry Alfio not only bring a fun plaid pattern, but a cork detailed bill. Like all flat caps, these are fantastic for everyday wear, but paired with an appropriate button down and slacks will look just as sharp!


Stingy Brims & Trilbys

Belfry Enzo

Crafted for us by Sorbatti, the Belfry Enzo is a prime summer stingy brimmed fedora made of woven seagrass–one of our favorite materials due to the natural shift in colors between tans browns and greens. The woven venting in the crown will help keep airflow nice and cool, and this hat looks especially stylish rested further back on the head so the sunny ochre grosgrain trim halos your face. 

Belfry Gianni

With a trendy two-tone body between the raffia crown and paper braid brim, trimmed with a striped grosgrain band, the Gianni keeps you covered either in a nice neutral scheme in its gray option, or a bright berry pop in its bordeaux. Packable, durable, this gem from Guerra 1855 is one not to miss! Take it to the beach, out to dinner, it won't let you down.

***A quick Belfry Cheat in regards to our Italia stingy brims: if your usual size isn't fitting quite right in the Italian sizing and running a bit small, there's a reason for that! A big trend there is to wear the shorter brims popped back on your head for a fun, more casual look. Should you prefer to wear your hats more forward, it's all right to go up a size and then size it down to a comfortable, snug fit with some reducing tape!