Our Story

The Little Hatter That Does

As a hat wearer, you’re probably somewhat unconventional and independent. A free thinker.

You delight in those differences. And so do we. 

Hats In The Belfry marches to the tune of a different hatter.

Our approach is unlike any other hat retailer. We do things companies ten times our size can’t or won’t do. 

We’re small – really small – but the absence of bureaucracy enables the development of truly special and unique styles.

90% of our hat styles are exclusive to Hats In The Belfry. Our hats are found nowhere else in the world. 

Our four staple collections:

  • Handmade for BelfryMade in USA Classic Fedoras and Staple Styles all blocked and constructed by our domestic partners.  (Unisex)

  • Belfry Italia for MenMade in Italy. Caps and Fedoras. The best fabrics from the finest textile mills in Italy, using 100% natural fibers such as Wool, Cashmere, Silk, and Linen. (Hats | Caps)

  • Belfry Italia for WomenMade in Italy. It mirrors the superior quality and style of the Men’s Italia line. Inspired by classic beauty and modern design. (Women)

  • The GOODSSourced in Asia. Not our best hat or cap, but pretty darn GOOD. A good starter cap or everyday fedora. (Straws I Wools)

These intimate relationships spawn great hats. We could not achieve excellence without their expertise.

Our Italian partners, in particular, have small, generations-old family businesses with people who are hard-working, meticulous, and unbelievably passionate about style and good taste.

They are not corporations with mass production. They are artisans - one-at-a-time hat makers - who help us make masterpieces.

At night, when the work is done, we gather to chew crusty bread, sip wine, share stories, celebrate our creations, and, if only momentarily, live la dolce vita.

Our accountants say these grand gestures are unproductive and a waste of capital.

...I’m betting these money guys don’t wear hats.

Like we do.

Grazie e’ Ciao,
Skip Briggs
Owner/ Shopkeeper


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