2022 Ultimate Men's Gift Guide

Winter greens are beginning to deck halls, lights peek and twinkle from trees, and Mariah Carey can be heard belting tunes as we walk past shops like a battle anthem for a holly jolly time.

We feel it–the looming weight of Holiday Tidings–and we know: it’s gifting season.

A joy for some, a time of dread for others, if you have a gentleman on your list needing a new accessory, we’re here to help you out to make it fun and not as hectic.

So ho-ho-hold onto your hats, this is our 2022 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide!



Casual Caps and Warmth

Baseballs and flat caps tend to be a safe and practical gift for the man who doesn’t like a lot of fuss to his hats and enjoys keeping it casual–or if they don’t normally wear hats otherwise but need to stay covered during the colder months. Perfect for everyday wear, they pair easily with a sweater and jeans, any coat–and some like our Belfry Cascina and Belfry Wobola even have the added bonus of hidden ear flaps that can be pulled down to help protect against any bristly breeze from Jack Frost.


Belfry Reese stingy brim

 Stylish Stingies

Maybe you have a more funky fellow who likes to have a bit of fun with his hats, or a cap guy wanting to expand his hat repertoire? Why not check out our selection of pork pies and stingy brims, or even some trilbys? It’s all about attitude with these, worn pulled forward, popped back, or cocked at an angle, with the added bonus of easily being dressed up if the occasion calls for it. For flexibility we have grounded staples like our Belfry Gravina, Belfry Paine, and Belfry Alldo, but if they like a bit of pop, we offer brighter, more festive colors in our Belfry Longo, Belfry Reese, and Belfry Jazz!


Fancy Fedoras

A classic and beloved timeless style, this is a must-have staple to any hat connoisseur’s closet. Trust us–they’ll know where and how to wear ‘em, and look sharp doing so no matter the occasion. From wool to fur felts, we offer unique lux finishes in hats like our Belfry Aufieri, and beautiful sleek finishes like our Stetson Windsor. For the gentleman who loves the idea of a fedora, but wants to flirt with them without too much to tie him down, we offer our Belfry Gangster, which also comes in an array of colors for anyone trying to find that perfect match to their outfit.

Belfry Montano distressed hat


Fashion Forward

For the more artistic and creative gentlemen who enjoy a touch of the unusual and added character to their hats, our Belfry Liro and Belfry Montano have unique modern brims and distressed finishes. The Liro has a wonderful scumbled finish–a dry brush technique to add texture and depth to the felt, whereas the Montano was actually torched! Now that’s a hot hat!

Due to this very hands-on nature of creating both of these styles, no hat in either edition is exactly the same, making them a truly unique accessory to add to his arsenal.


Practical and Rugged

For the discerning gentleman who knows he needs to remain protected from the sun and elements and isn’t intimidated by a brim, our safari outdoor hats are the perfect choice. Crushable and comfortable to wear, they’re a practical grab-and-go alternative to caps. Some like our Belfry Zacheo are even treated to be especially weather resistant, and will keep him comfortable through chilly winter rains or snow. For someone who loves a more rugged look, the Belfry Tiber keeps the coverage while adding a distressed leather to the mix.

Surprise Stocking Stuffer

If in the end, you feel like the greater joy would be to let him pick out his own hat, we also offer gift certificates easily used online or in-store for your convenience (and his), too!  

No matter which way you decide to go with your gifting endeavors this yearfrom a cap to safari brim, we wish you all a very merry rest of the year, and hope to see you again in the next!

Hatty Holidays from all of us here at Hats in the Belfry!