Derby Styles & The Tradition of Wearing Over-The-Top Hats
Today, the Kentucky Derby is still known for its over-the-top hats and fascinators, with many people aiming to outdo each other regarding the most outrageous headwear. As a result, it's become a staple of the event, with many people creating their own hats and fascinators for the function. 
Hats: The Statistics on Who Wears What!
Nothing can make a fashion statement quite like a well-chosen hat. With their long history and widespread cultural significance, hats have been a fashion staple for centuries. Hats can instantly change an outfit's look, and a great hat can be the cherry on top of a perfect ensemble.
Why is Italy the Best Country for Hats?
 For centuries, Italian milliners (hat makers) have been crafting handmade men's and women's hats that are timelessly fashionable. From sleek fedoras to handmade panama straw hats, Italian milled headwear is a true art form.
Holiday Movies & Hats
It’s become kind of a fun game for us here at Hats in the Belfry to try and identify hats we spy in films and shows alike–especially during the holiday season! Here’s some of our personal favorites of the season, and the sorts of hats you’ll find in them!
2022 Ultimate Men's Gift Guide
It's the time of giving, and we're here to help you figure out what style to surprise the gentlemen in your life with this holiday season! So ho-ho-hold onto your hats, this is our 2022 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide!
Hats for Holiday Parties
It’s the holidays and the end of the year is just around the corner, so you know what that means…

It’s party time!!

Whether you’re going to a festive and bright shindig or a more intimate and cozy affair, we have a hat for you to express your own holiday cheer throughout and look sharp doing so. Here’s some of our current favorites of our holiday lineup!
Trilby vs. Fedora: What's the Difference? How are They Similar?
Some may think that fedoras and trilbys are completely interchangeable, but hold on just a second there! While it's not uncommon to feel a bit of confusion as to what the finer differences between these two styles of hat may be given their obvious similarities, let's try to help clear it up a bit for you.
Keeping Cozy in Caps with Ear Flaps

Autumn leaves color the trees, and alongside them both our days and nights begin to hold the chilling bite of the winter months that approach. We gather our thicker coats, seek out scarves, and tuck gloves away into pockets and bags for the inevitability that they will be needed, because it's far better to be prepared than finding yourself without, right?

Then, of course, we seek out our coziest hat.

Let’s take a look at some of our caps with ear flaps to give you an idea of what your options could be this winter for any of your impending winter wonderland wanderings!

Italian Made Hats: Our Story, Why Italy?

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Men's Designer Hats Collection

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Introducing Ferruccio Vecchi
While much has remained unchanged, and their products are still made by hand in Italy with the same craftsmanship, the Ferruccio Vecchi designs are always looking towards the future. They are on a constant search for new and alternative source materials and developing new techniques to dye and treat the hats. 
Style Guide: Caps & How to Wear Them
If you're wanting to expand your hat repertoire but don't necessarily want the look of brimmed hats, donning a new cap is often the easy grab-and-go option. Let's look at some the varying styles we carry to get you started!
2022 Ultimate Women's Gift Guide
It's that time of year to start thinking about holiday gift giving! Below is our guide to finding the perfect hat style for the woman on your list, from the casual hat wearer to the always accessorized style masters.
Happy Hatterween!
While it may seem daunting at first trying to get inspiration or even know where to start with the right style, don't worry, we've got you covered! We will give you five classic hat shapes that will come with a barrage of costumes you can utilize them toward and get extra creative with, while also being a fantastic addition to your everyday style well after the season of tricks and treats is over.
Hat Knowledge: Materials - Fall/Winter
As the seasons change, so do the materials hats are made of. This is what separates Spring/Summer from Fall/Winter hats. Sure, you can wear your summer straw in the winter, if you’d like. But, that’s like wearing sandals in the snow....
A Brand New Look!
In mid-July we began a series updates that gave our website a new look that was years in the making. Between then and now, a few more things have changed, moved or gone away entirely. But, this weekend (October 1st), our website will receive it's last major update for awhile.
Naming Our Hats - TV & Movie Edition
Naming our hats is probably one of the best parts of our creative process. Some of our hats are named after customers - We call them the Happy Hat People. Other hats have Italian names. But, every now and again we look to our favorite movies and television shows for inspiration.
Best Fedoras for Women
Why Choose a Woman's Fedora? Whether you're bold when it comes to fashion or more conservative, you may want to switch up your hat game now and again (assuming you like hats, which you probably do, since you're here in...
Best Beanies to Keep You Warm This Season 2017
No collection of holiday headwear is complete without a few snug and toasty beanies to keep you warm. Here are a few options to keep on your radar