A Brand New Look!

A Brand New Look!

In mid-July we began a series updates that gave our website a new look that was years in the making. Between then and now, a few more things have changed, moved or gone away entirely. But, this weekend (October 1st), our website will receive it's last major update for awhile. 

So, what's new?

  • Product Quick View: Now, by clicking the Quick View button, you'll be able to view and add a product to your cart without leaving a Collection page.
  • Second View: Hover over a product from a Collection page, and you'll be able to see a second view, an additional color, or a feature of that product (i.e.: fold away ear flaps).
  • The Cart: No more being redirected to a separate page to view your cart or to checkout! The Cart is now easily accessible from the right side of your screen. Just click the cart icon in the top right corner and voila!
  • Women's Hats: This time around there is a stronger emphasis on our women's collections. Our men's (unisex) hats do well on their own. But, it's time we showed off just how beautiful our women's hats are. From Italian knitwear and derby hats, to cloches and safaris, we've got plenty to show off.

We can't wait for you to shop our new site. Be sure to take a look at all the New Arrivals!

Hatty Shopping!