Vecchi Hat With Orange Trim

New Arrivals: Ferruccio Vecchi 2023!

It's always exciting for us here at Hats in the Belfry when the seasons start to change. While we love our wintery weighted felt friends, there's nothing quite like getting in our new straws to brighten and liven us up, making us look hopefully towards enjoying the blissful summer days on the near horizon at last.

One of the latest in our new arrivals is this year's selection of Ferruccio Vecchi, and we just had to share! So let's take a look at what you'll be able to find with us--you're sure to love them as much as we do!

Stylish Silhouettes

For the dedicated fashionista, our Belfry Monalisa comes in with a bold open weave, exaggerated with a trendy oversized look that wraps in a colorful crochet edged brim to bring a bit of pop against the natural straw hue of the body of the hat. Less about function and all about fashion, it's sure to put you front and center anywhere you go! 

If you have the beach on your mind, why not have a bit of fun with some nautical-minded stripes as seen in the Belfry Orba? The Orba's classy boater silhouette and paper braid weave will keep you covered without being too overbearing, and pairs with just about any outfit you'd piece together for any summer outing--from beach, to park, to downtown!

The Belfry Mussi rocks a rosy bolero look, making it a must-have for fans of flat brims that aren't afraid to play with pinks! It makes a statement all of its own without being too much, grounded by the tobacco stripes and thin leather band. Unlike its usual felt counterparts, the Mussi's straw body has a bit of give to it, making it exceptionally comfortable to wear as an added bonus. 

Summer hats often bring to mind floppy swing brims, but not everyone necessarily wants to fight the flop, especially on windy days! Thankfully, our Belfry Taormina keeps the lovely, sleek swing profile but gives the hat a more structured brim to keep it from becoming a hassle, and while the paper braid crown protects your scalp, the slightly open weave of the brim helps you stay cool. 

A fan of fedoras and safari brims? Why not take a look at the Belfry Silva! The roomy teardrop crown transitions smoothly into a suede band with gold beaded detailing and down into the subtly shifting neutral tones of the open weave brim to keep visual interest. It's a perfect dress up or down hat, with tons of flexibility. 

Tied Together

In need of a bold statement piece? The striking, warm rose of our Belfry Margharita and its functional-but-swanky lampshade blocking is perfect! It also comes with an accenting, bright and festive tangerine colored ribbon neck tie to safeguard against the wind--but if you'd prefer, a matching rose colored ribbon comes with it as well. We dare you to try and not to get blown away by the thought of two looks to a single hat like we did!

The Belfry Matera takes a more grounded approach with its earthy tobacco color and rope neck tie. Whether you're a Beach Babe wanting to stay covered when you're on the sand or traveling by boat, or a free spirited Bohemian Belle ready for your next adventure, it treads the line of style and function perfectly.    

Protective & Packable

Like the Silva, the Belfry Fossia keeps a sleek safari profile, but totes the durability and packability of a crocheted straw crown and paper braid brim. Crocheted crowns are kinder to those of us who are guilty pinch grabbers and often find wear and tear at the tapered pinch of our straw hat's crown by the end of the season. An added bonus for style is the fun array of colors descending through the crown--including a beautiful dusty sage for some pop amidst the warmer earthy tones. 

For a touch more brim and no lack of pizazz, our Belfry Orvieto extends the safari brim, working in tandem with its soft raffia weave to give solid sun protection without losing any durability or packability. Its crossing strikes of accenting color along the front brim keeps visual interest, making it not only a comfortable hat to wear, but flexible and striking with whatever you may pair it with.

The Belfry Ficcara is for our bucket lovers who wish they had more coverage. Its brim extends to tread the line between buckets and swing brims, but doesn't reach too far, framing the face and still giving a fair amount of shade. The striped braided crown supplies durability to keep you going through the summer months, and looks just as fun on a boardwalk as it does a backyard bar-b-que!

Sometimes it's hard to find a cloche that can work as an everyday hat. Thankfully, the Belfry Sienna tones down what some tend to view as a dressy style to something most assuredly meant to be more grab and go. Its crocheted striped straw body is perfect for rolling up and sticking in your bag so it's there whenever (and wherever) you need!

Our Belfry Mondello is our final new Vecchi style, and another cloche option made of light and breathable hemp. While its gently rolled brim keeps it cute and brings back the ability to be dressed up, the airiness of the material is suitable for even the most humid of summer days. Hemp's natural durability also makes sure it remains a great packable option to boot. 


 So what do you think? If you are still a bit vexed as to where to start looking for your summer hat, we'd love to answer any questions you have about our new Vecchi collection. Feel free to call our customer service at 888-999-HATS!

Better yet--why not stop by our store in Annapolis and try them on in person? Catch us at 103 Main Street 10am-6pm seven days a week!