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Top Sun Hat Styles for Women in Summer 2020

Cover and Protect Your Head with Style

Hats in the Belfry has you literally covered when it comes to the best sun hats for women to wear. We offer and have curated a wide variety of chic sun hat styles made out of cool, permeable materials like cotton, Japanese Toyo straw, organic raffia, paper braid and more. Below, you'll find a selection of some of our favorite sun hats for women (with up to UPF 50+ sun protection) that are perfect for letting the good, gentle kind of sunlight in while keeping the risk of sunburn away.

The Best Sun Hats for Women

For women who know how to style a sun hat - and appreciate hats that will complement their trendy wardrobe - here are some of our top summer sun hat styles for women that we simply adore.

  • Belfry Italia Zola Woven Wide Brim Hat

Shield your face from the harsh sun with this lovely classic wide-brim hat. The beige "Made in Italy" Belfry Italia Zola Woven Wide Brim Hat - designed for Belfry by artists in Montaponne, Italy - was created with a topnotch Italian viscose (rayon) fiber blend. This woven blend gives the Zola the ability to quickly snap back to its original shape. It's a great sun hat for travel, as it can fit inside your bag, then quickly reform its original silhouette when you take it out again. The Zola can easily match with most of your summer outfits, too. And of course, it will protect your face from the blazing sun due to its wide brim (bedazzled with an elegant grosgrain ribbon bow).

  • Belfry Italia Costanzo Raffia Straw Fedora

This wide-brim straw fedora - designed exclusively for Hats in the Belfry in Montappone, Italy - lets the air in (thanks to the open-weave construction) while reducing your exposure to harsh UV rays. The simple, yet oh-so elegant design of this hat, which is woven together out of high-grade raffia straw, exudes a wonderful sense of style. Our Belfry Italia Costanzo Raffia Straw Fedora, with its teardrop crown, can be paired with all kinds of summer ensembles from the exceedingly elegant to something a little more casual for the beach.

  • Belfry Italia Adda Toyo Straw Fedora

If you want to slip something colorful (petrol green in this case) on top of your head, and you're looking to add something unique to your sun hat collection as well, our Italian-made Adda Toyo Straw Fedora will put a big ole smile on your face. This fedora's uniqueness stems from design accents (like the curved brim) giving it a tasteful cowgirl contour. A green grosgrain ribbon surrounds the center dent crown, adding some extra grace and style. The blue-green Toyo straw selected to weave this work of millinery perfection together is extremely lightweight, which makes the Adda a superb fashion choice for a hot summer day.