Naming Our Hats - TV & Movie Edition
Naming our hats is probably one of the best parts of our creative process. Some of our hats are named after customers - We call them the Happy Hat People. Other hats have Italian names. But, every now and again we look to our favorite movies and television shows for inspiration.
Best Fedoras for Women
Why Choose a Woman's Fedora? Whether you're bold when it comes to fashion or more conservative, you may want to switch up your hat game now and again (assuming you like hats, which you probably do, since you're here in...
Best Beanies to Keep You Warm This Season 2017
No collection of holiday headwear is complete without a few snug and toasty beanies to keep you warm. Here are a few options to keep on your radar
Belfry Italia: How One Trip Inspired An Entire Collection 2017
Hats in the Belfry is an American company, and we’re proud of that. We’re proud of the American hatmaking tradition. We are also proud of the hatmaking tradition the world over, and are in awe of the incomparable hatmakers in Italy. This respect gave rise to the Belfry Italia line.
Belfry Gifts For Her 2020
Everyone knows that hats make great gifts, but choosing the style for that special person on your list can sometimes be overwhelming. Don’t over think things. Use this guide to picking the perfect hat for the stylish woman in your life.
Belfry Gifts For Him! 2020
This season, give the gift of great style in the form of exceptional headwear! Choosing the perfect hat for your guy does not have to be complicated. Here are a few tips for picking the best hat for the man on your list.
Beach Hats For Women
Grab the sun tan lotion, towels, and 2-piece bathing suits; it’s beach time! We all know between mid-July and mid-August is one of the hottest times of the year, so if you’re headed to the beach to cool off, why not do it in style? Grab only the hottest most fashionable beach hats for your trip.
7 Famous Movie Hats
Hollywood puts out thousands of movies each year, each with different plots, characters, and settings. Some movies take off without a hitch and make millions of dollars on the opening night! These famous movies often have characters that wear some stylish hats that really make their character who they are. Some of these hats are so iconic that you can buy their famous hats online and in stores! Instead of listing all of the hats, we’ll cover 10 of these famous hats that you may recognize.
Fall Preview - Women's Belfry Italia
Our Fall/Winter 22 women’s Belfry Italia collection is here and better than ever. We went bold with designers Ferruccio Vecchi & Guerra 1855. This season’s collections include hand-painted safaris, chain bands and animal prints. For our Italian Knitwear, we kept...
Trend Alert! Hand Painted Straws
There's something so special about having an item that is one-of-a-kind. One technique used to finish a straw hat is hand painting/ or color washing the straw. This creates a unique look that adds depth and richness and highlights the...
Women's New Summer Styles From Italy
What's new from Italy for Summer 22? Raffia!! Rafia is the material we all need for our summer style. It's what you envision when you think of natural straw texture and easy summer style.  This year we are featuring a cute visor with...
Stetson Classic with a Modern Twist
Hat lovers know the name Stetson. They are a leader in classic hat styles with a reputation of quality and craftsmanship. This year we have a few new offerings we think you'll love.  We have brought back the Roark this...
Hats For The Adventurer

A hat should be the first item on any traveler’s packing list. Hats serve many practical purposes and can often determine whether an adventure is enjoyable or turns unbearable from lack of proper head protection. These three hats will have you covered from the carry-on traveler, to the stylish sightseer to the adventurous journeyer.

Top 5 Hat Styles for Jazz Enthusiasts
You live and breathe the mellifluous tones of saxophones, trumpets and trombones, or find yourself captivated by the percussive beat. You're a jazz enthusiast, and no other genres are as beloved to you as this timeless music. Your tastes form your playlists and, going beyond, inform your personal style.

So, if you're on the search for a jazz-inspired hat, what are your options?
Top Hat Styles for the Car Enthusiast
You love the speed, how cars are constructed and all the places they can take you. You might be building something in the garage, you head to the race track each weekend to get your fill, or you plan out trips over the back roads that take you over multiple state lines. You're a car enthusiast, and if it doesn't have a motor, you're not interested.

At this point, a weekend keeping you away from the roads or the garage is time wasted. Still, you like to look your best and dress for the journey ahead, complete with headwear.
Men's Italian Hat Style Guide

One of the things we pride ourselves on is bringing you some of the very best hats to incorporate in your everyday hatty endeavors, and as some of our main sources are the wonderful family owned milliners in Italy, we bring tried and trusted fashion to top of your looks. Curious? Here's what coming in hot!

Top Men's Hats to Wear in Summer 2021
Summer hat season is here once again. In addition to giving guys an instant shot of style, well-made caps shield their skin from the damaging rays of the sun. If you're on the hunt for the perfect men's summer hat, look no further. Check out our roundup of the chicest, most comfortable caps for the 2021 season.
How to Reshape a Fedora Hat
Oops! Did you accidentally flatten your favorite felt fedora? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Luckily, you don't have to take it to a hat shop and spend big bucks getting it fixed. Instead, you can reshape it yourself! Here's expert advice from Hats in the Belfry on how to tend to a misshapen fedora hat from your very own home.
What is a cloche hat?
Have you heard the term "cloche" and been unsure what people were talking about? Just what is a cloche hat, anyway? Our experts have the answers you're looking for.

Top Father's Day Hat Gifts for 2021
Finding the right gift for the dad in your life is never easy. While neckties and cuff links are nice, they're hardly original when it comes to Father's Day gifts. If you want to give your father a present that's both original and stylish, gift him an exquisitely made hat from Hats in the Belfry. Here, we've gathered our favorite Father's Day gift ideas for 2021.Whether he prefers the look of low-key baseball caps, fun fedoras or trendy pork pies, there's something on this list he'll love.
Top Italian-Style Hats for Women

Exclusive Italian Style Women's Hats from Belfry Italia

For when your sense of style demands you don elegant, charming and creatively designed Italian-style women's hats, we have a line of custom hats just for you.

Our Belfry Italia line of bell-shaped cloches, dress hats, fedoras, toques (narrow or no brim), wide-brim hats and more comes from Hats in the Belfry's collaboration with the artistically gifted milliners living in Montappone, Italy. This collection, born from this partnership, is something we take great pride in - and you can see the results. We use high-quality materials (felt, wool and more) to create chic Italian-style women's hats, which we've labeled "Made in Italy." These hats are some of the most sophisticated, unique hats - expertly crafted by seasoned artisans - you will ever find.