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Who's Wearing Belfry Brand

Who's Wearing Belfry Brand?

In the thirty plus years that Hats in the Belfry has been around, we've had a who's who of celebrities in our shops and purchasing online.  Hats in the Belfry is in search of up and coming musicians, athletes, artists and actors who understand fashion and love hats!  If you are or know of an artist that loves hats as much as we do contact Keith at keith@hatsinthebelfry.com.  Meanwhile here are a few recent artists and celebrities who love to wear and represent the Belfry Brand!  If you would like to be featured in our "who's wearing belfry brand" page, send us your picture of you wearing a belfry brand hat.

Joe Waller

Loyalty Amongst Thieves

Wearing the Belfry Striped Jazz

Mike Tyson
Boxing Legend

Former Heavyweight Champion

Wearing the Belfry Insular
at our Philadelphia Location

Christine Cameron
Fashion Blogger/Personal Stylist

My Style Pill
Started her blog, My Style Pill, in 2008 as an outlet to express her deep love for fashion and design. Featured in this photo during a Steve Madden fashion shoot.

Wearing the Belfry Bernice

Bernard Hopkins
Boxing Legend

Former Middleweight World Champion

Wearing the Belfry Blackgold
at our Philadelphia Location

Christian V. Siriano
Fashion Designer/Project Runway Winner

Personal Design Site

After winning the 4th season of Project Runway, he has propelled himself into the who's who of American fashion design.

Wearing the Belfry Anthony

E.J. Ruchman

Certified Humorist

Wearing the Belfry Tammany
during the Hats Off To Comedy improv show.


Zo! On Facebook

This multi-instrumentalist has had success playing keyboard with The Foreign Exchange, as well as with his solo album SunStorm.

Wearing the Belfry Street Dan Patch

Donnell Rawlings

Stand Up & TV Personality

This extremely funny comedian is known for his stand up and his spot on The Chappelle Show.

Wearing the Belfry Mai Tai

Alicia Solo
Musician - Beautiful Bodies

 Alicia On Facebook

Lead vocalist in the band Beautiful Bodies.

Wearing the Belfry Freddie

Dan Trepanier
Fashion Blogger

The Style Blogger

Well dressed and well versed, The Style Blogger features great appreciation for today's fine men's fashion.

Wearing the Belfry Kent

Jimmie Knows
ESPN Sports Radio Personality

Jimmie Knows Show

Wearing the Belfry Hurricane

Mixed Business Trio

Drawing on decades of musical influences, they produce a high-charisma, bring-down-the-house show every time they step on stage.

Wearing the Belfry Street Collection

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